3 “Must Do’s” for entrepreneurs

Episode Summary

In this episode, Rick and Matt discuss the 3 most crucial habits for successful entrepreneurs. The three things are exercise, community and what we consume. 

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk about the 3 “Must Do’s” for entrepreneurs. We cover the life of an entrepreneur and the things you must do to be and remain successful. There’s a whole new economy that has allowed numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship. Many people want to be entrepreneurs but do not understand the downsides and challenges there are.

As an entrepreneur, you must make time for yourself. This means going away from your business and doing things that make you a better person. If you are an entrepreneur in the fitness world, you can even visit another gym to exercise. 

In your entrepreneurship journey, there will be times when you’ll feel overwhelmed with all the things that require your attention. Launching products, meetings, traveling, and tasks that take all your time. As one of the 3 “Must Do’s” for entrepreneurship, this is the best time to create time for exercising, whether you are a fitness entrepreneur or in another industry. 

The second issue we talk about is joining a community of like minding people. Entrepreneurship with all its glamour is a lonely endeavor. You feel alone and isolated some times, having a community where you can talk and bounce off your ideas is critical for your psychological well-being.

The last thing we look at is diet and here we don’t mean the food we eat, but rather what we consume on a daily basis that goes to our brain. However, what we consume comes from the people we interact with, what we read and what conversations do you have. These are the things that constitute your diet as an entrepreneur. 

Key Points of Discussion:
  • Make time for yourself as an entrepreneur (5:26)
  • Exercise and keeping your fitness helps your perspective as an entrepreneur (12:11)
  • Exercise is like a performance enhancer for your business (15:03)
  • As an entrepreneur, ignorance is bliss (15:27)
  • it’s critical for the psychological well-being and spiritual well-being of an entrepreneur to get into some kind of community with like-minded people. (21:28)
  • Taking care of what you read and conversations you have as an entrepreneur (25:39)
  • Having discipline as an entrepreneur on what you feed your brain and people you spend time with (26:36)
  • Keeping of digital and doing purposeful tasks (34:02)

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