The Alloy Personal Training Franchise has one of the fitness industry’s leading client retention rate of 97%. Get to know the 3 techniques to increase client retention and create an industry leading client retention strategy. 

Alloy is a leader in client retention and it’s a powerful reason people buy an Alloy Franchise. It enables entrepreneurs to actually run a successful fitness business, not a marketing business with fitness on the side like some gyms do. Many gyms will create these massive marketing campaigns to attract new people in the club and spend a lot of money. The reason they need to attract a lot of new customers every month to join their gym is because they are losing so many clients out the back door due to customer turnover or “churn”. Specifically, this is mostly due to lack of personalized attention and the sheer volume of customer to staff ratios. 

Alloy customers don’t just stick around longer than in any other fitness facility for no reason. So tune in to the podcast to discover Alloy’s strategies to increase member retention and build a powerful community. These are simple strategies that other fitness brands probably use, but our secret lies in using them consistently and ingraining them in our culture. Besides keeping people around and reducing the amount of marketing costs required to replace the churning members, a high retention rate is excellent for building a powerful community. 

3 Strategies To Increase Client Retention

1. Set the Right Expectations

During every contact with the client, starting before the sale and during the sales process, you need to set the right expectations and create the right foundation for an amazing long-term client relationship.

From the first time you converse with the prospective client, whether you are texting them or you have them on the phone, just remember the customer experience starts from the time they see your advertisement to all the customer communication that transpires during the sales process. 

We prepare for the Alloy scripted starting point session by really digging into what that client needs. Then we build value by laying out what is going to be expected from their client membership. We tailor a solution for their particular goals, whether it’s moving better, weight loss, injury prevention, injury recovery, sports performance or just building confidence. You’re basically setting them up for success long term.

You can’t just sell something false, especially in the fitness industry. Some of those big box clubs have tainted a lot of the people that are in our target age category, because they’ve bought into long-term memberships they never used. There used to be a lot of bait and switch language to sign customers up for a membership or fitness challenge, just to sell a new membership. Then the customer doesn’t show up to use their membership, and they feel burned afterwards because either they don’t know what they were doing, they felt intimidated, no one helped them reach their goal, or no one made them accountable. 

We make sure we are involved with your goals and make sure you’re accountable for sessions. If you don’t show up, we call you and find out why.

2. Continue To Create Positive Client Experiences Every Day – “Poles In The Ground”

Continually plant poles in the ground with your clients. There are 1,000,001 ways to create positive customer experiences every day. Check out our seven core tenets of how to run a session. Every touch point is a pole in the ground. Completing a tough workout if you don’t know how to push yourself is hard for any health club member. In a personal training studio, we can facilitate touch points by advising and praising clients during the exercise all the way through achieving their goal. 

Opportunities to continue to create a positive customer experience are through conversations multiple times a day, every day. Those poles in the ground continue to strengthen and advance that customer relationship. You’ve got to be fully present at all times and understand the person standing in front of you at that moment is the most important person in the world. If you just approach your business with that lens on, there’s a million opportunities to walk out onto the gym floor and find multitudes of opportunities to uplift people in random ways. 

3. Find A Common Ground To Facilitate Community

This speaks to your ability to facilitate a community in your gym. The story of how Alloy moved from one-on-one personal training to our current business model with small group training is important. It’s less expensive for the consumer, because clients pay a third of what they would pay for a one-on-one training session. So you get the benefit of on-on-one training from a programming standpoint, but you also get the benefit of six people, to spread the costs of personal training with a small group while still receiving personal training.

The benefit of a small group setting is we build a community. That is not by accident. You have to understand how to facilitate and build a community, which is part of the Alloy franchise system we teach. We help you understand how to facilitate interaction, communication and motivation between different clients with different fitness levels. Group dynamics evolve where all the people in the group motivate each other in addition to the coach! 

This is the Alloy community culture of our brand and every one of our franchise locations. We spend a lot of time with franchisees coaching client experience and retention! Join us to learn more about the 97% industry leading client retention rate! 

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Key Takeaways

  • Set the right expectations (03:06)
  • How unrealistic expectations will increase your churn (04:37)
  • Poles in the ground (11:15)
  • How to make your customers feel good (13:32)
  • Finding common ground (18:02)
  • How to facilitate a community (27:13)

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