Business owners everywhere are looking forward to 2021, but everyone is wondering what the year will bring.  COVID-19 has created changes in the fitness industry and the personal training industry looks a bit different now than it did before 2020.  The personal training trends for 2021 will increase focus on holistic offers, personalization, automation, technology, high-end service, convenience, and programs informed by science.

Let’s explore what to expect for the the personal training industry in 2021 and beyond.

7 Trends for the Personal Training Industry in 2021

1. A focus on hygiene

Coronavirus has thrown the possibilities of disease transmission into full light, and consumers now want their gyms to be cleaner and more hygiene-focused than ever before. As fitness enthusiasts get back into the gym, they want to know that the facilities they choose genuinely have their health and safety in mind. According to ISPO:

“Surveys have shown that many people are concerned about having the highest possible standard of protection. It must therefore be in the studios’ interest to ensure precisely that.”

With that in mind, one of the most essential things gym and studio owners can do in 2021 is to win back consumer trust by insisting on higher hygiene standards.

2. Increased attention to health

Before COVID, gym-goers were intrigued by offers that promised them improved fitness and tone. Post-pandemic, though, consumers are looking for something a bit different. While they want to see physical gains, they also need a focus on health. This means personal training teams and operations will probably start focusing on the connection between fitness and the immune system and advocating for full-body, holistic wellness, and fitness.

3. Individualized and group training models

Once upon a time, the gym was a place people went to get fit on their own. Today, though, people want the option of getting fit on their own or while working with a small group to train.  As 2021 rounds the corner, consumers will look for more individualization in their workouts.  Fitness studios that offered all-around workouts will likely start offering more tailored, targeted classes and programs. Niche studios, meanwhile, will expand their tailor-made offerings to attract still more customers. In the future, personal training programs that allow greater personalization will win.

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4. Special consideration for at-risk populations

During the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen some stores and retailers do special offers like set aside blocks of time for senior citizens and at-risk people to shop. These offers have been incredibly important for the people using them, since they’ve created a safe space for the at-risk population to shop.

In 2012, we’re predicting that gyms and personal training programs will do the same thing. Whether that takes the form of individual training, small group personal training, digital training offers, or at-home training programs, we’ll see the personal training industry adapt accordingly.

5. Training that trends toward sport

As gyms and studios across the country shut down to slow the spread of Coronavirus, it forced people who wanted to stay fit to get outside and find alternative ways to do it. Many took up sports they’d never tried before, like jogging, yoga, or hiking. As studios open back up and everyone looks toward the future, we predict the industry will see a merge of sport and fitness. This means personal training programs to enhance performance in a sport or programs that borrow elements of activity from a sport and incorporate it into their training program.

6. More online options

COVID-19 and 2020 accelerated the digital trends for the personal training industry to go online if at all possible. In 2021, the fitness and personal training trends will only grow. Even when we’re not attempting to avoid closed fitness studios any longer, personal training operations will want to extend that same level of convenience to their customers. This means more online and outdoor fitness options, on-demand classes, virtual accountability groups, and the ability to work out at-home on on-the-road.  The name of the game in 2021 is convenience for all customers.

7. A shift toward the franchise model

Lately we’ve seen more gyms do what Alloy did with a move toward the security and power of franchising business models. In 2021, we expect this trend to continue. In addition to providing a safety net to people starting their first business in 2021, the franchise model allows fitness enthusiasts to offer highly personalized, customizable personal training to clients. It’s a “business in a box” model that offers name recognition, world-class programs, and more.

Another benefit of the franchise model is that it’s fully scalable with systems, technology, tools and programming built in to their business models allowing the business to grow as clients and sign-ups grow. One technology example Alloy recently introduced is  InBody. The technology is available to anyone that owns an Alloy franchise. See the other reasons about what Makes Alloy a Great Personal Training Franchise Opportunity.

Author:  Rick Mayo

Rick Mayo, Founder & CEO of Alloy Personal Training Franchise said: “The InBody 570 is a body composition analyzer that uses direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) to measure the composition of each of the body’s five segments.  It can determine Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Total Body Water, and much more.  The results of the test are printed onto a results sheet that a coach can use when counseling a client.”  

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Looking Forward to 2021

Of all the industries to be in right now, personal training is a great business opportunity. Not only is the industry steadily growing, it’s a business that customers love and want to continue to frequent.  As 2020 draws to a close and 2021 arrives, we are all looking forward to seeing the positive change business owners and personal trainers will continue to drive in the industry.

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