In this episode, Rick and Matt discuss the main Alloy Franchise perks to help franchisees have the best chance for success. We want to help people with their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur by giving the resources they need to be confident as they operate and thrive in their own Alloy fitness franchise locations.

Top Perks For Alloy Franchises

We offer a complete suite of perks for our franchises that other fitness franchises do not offer. Here we share just a few of the exciting ways we help entrepreneurs succeed.

1. Human Resources, Benefits, and Risk Management Services

As a business owner, you need to take care of yourself and your family, especially if you are leaving a corporate job that provides benefits. You also need the resources to attract top talent attract outstanding talent. I you are going to hire a person to operate your business, then you need to offer above target market pay plus a full suite of benefits on top of that. We can offer these services now, which many franchises don’t offer until the brand is more mature. 

The PEOProfessional Employers Association

  • PEO provides an entire suite of services for Alloy Franchises. As an entrepreneur, some of the biggest pain points of operating a business involve human resources, payroll, benefits, and risk management.
    • Human Resources Services – Eliminate the stress of developing a human resources program with tools to develop job descriptions, employee relations, compliance and legal assistance.
    • Payroll Services – Complete payroll and tax management systems.
    • Benefit Packages – Robust and affordable benefits for owners and team members, along with the benefit administration support. One fear new franchisees have, especially those coming from employment, is losing benefits such as their health insurance or 401k. Here at Alloy, we offer all our franchisees a full suite of benefits so that they don’t worry about that. Packages can include medical, dental, life insurance, retirement plans, and even pet insurance! 
    • Risk Management – Insurance reviews, worker’s compensation, safety reviews, and OSHA compliance support. It can be a painful process if you have an OSHA violation. Be secure knowing you’re aware and prepared for any safety or compliance issue.

Recruiting The Right Talent

  • Recruiting the best staff for your fitness business is arguably the single most important factor that will determine your success as a business owner. However, as any fitness entrepreneur will tell you, finding, hiring, and retaining the best talent in our industry is an enormous challenge.
  • Just Fitness Staffing and founder Jessie Stackhouse provide fitness talent acquisition for Alloy franchises. We help you recruit the right talent for your fitness business. Jessie specializes in recruiting and staffing boutique franchise fitness concepts and big box gyms across the United States.
  • Check out our complete article on How To Recruit The Right Talent For Your Fitness Business.

In addition, we use another company out of Atlanta during the interview process to provide a screening test. During the interview process you can send this screening test or personality analysis to match the needs of the position, whether it’s a part-time coach or operations director. It will help you eliminate the 20% the hard part. You may think someone would be great, but this isolates those that literally wouldn’t be able to do the job,

2. Entrepreneurial And Leadership Tools

At Alloy we use EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, to help our franchise entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. Implementing EOS will help you and your leadership team get better using simple concepts and practical tools. We use as a teaching tool for franchisees. There are few other franchises that use EOS. 

  • VISION – Helps everyone in your organization to get on the same page with your business goals and how you plan to get there.
  • TRACTION®– Instills focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision every day.
  • HEALTHY – Helps your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team.

3. Preferred Vendors

If you are a new owner of a business, it can take years to get your trusted team of support services and vendors together. With Alloy, we already have a whole team to help you with every aspect of your business. These vendors provide services and products to support the Alloy brand.

  • Fitness Equipment Vendors – Available to provide you fitness equipment to open and expand your business programming. One vendor we use is Torgue Fitness.
  • Digital Fitness App – We use Trainerize As Alloy’s Digital Fitness App.It helps us keep our retention rates high and our members on track with their personalized fitness programs. We continually improve the customer experience and keep our clients engaged, even when they are on the go and not inside the facility. Personal training apps are great at achieving this.
  • CPR Education and Certification – It is imperative for fitness facilities to be prepared for medical emergencies. ResusciTech is a medical software and e-learning company with a mobile smartphone app for CPR education and certification, including AED and First Aid training. They are the only company providing CPR education and certification through a patent-pending, smartphone-based CPR feedback technology with the goal of improving cardiac arrest outcomes. See why Why Alloy Chose ResusciTech for CPR Education and Certification.
  • Body Composition Analysis Tools – The non-invasive InBody device allows a more professional and friendly customer experience. It is also more scientific and accurate. InBody provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water. The results display comprehensive and easy-to-understand measurements. No more pinching your skin for measurements or dunking in a tank of water. You then can use the information to help reach your health and fitness goals with precision and actionable objectives. See How Alloy Uses InBody For Body Composition Analysis.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services – We suggest franchises us the services of our experienced fitness industry accounting professional. He is really specific to the fitness industry. Our franchisees receive a lot of value by engaging with him instead of your local accountant who does all kinds of different businesses. He also can be your own De Facto CFO providing monthly coaching calls with you. He knows everything about the fitness space and he can compare your business to other verticals in the fitness space. 
  • Management Software – Alloy helps franchisees manage their business by using MINDBODY. They provide cloud-based online scheduling and other business management software for the fitness industry.
  • Continuing Education – We provide opportunities to keep your staff up-to-date on their continuing education with built-in programs with examples like ACE and NASM.
  • Charitable Community Contributions – A percentage of our revenue goes to charity. Our partner is Causely that supports great charitable causes. They provide marketing for each of the charities that are supported each month. Each franchise can use that in their community marketing.

4. Sales Hit Team For Pre-Sale

During the 8 week pre-sale period before the studio grand opening, we have a “Sales HIT Team” that franchises can hire to help them reach the required number of members to open the gym.

Check out what makes Alloy a unique franchise opportunity with unique perks. Also check out the following Podcast Episode 174 for more details.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why the Alloy Franchise stands out (04:10)
  • PEO services to our franchisees (06:39)
  • We help you become an entrepreneur (07:49)
  • Discounts from all our Alloy vendors (12:35)
  • Our sales hit team (17:38)
  • Our 31 years of experience in business (20:48)
  • Our customer avatar (22:15)
  • We do good by supporting great causes (22:50)


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