In this episode, Rick speaks with the Causely Sales Director, Jeff Presley, about why giving back is good for your business and how Alloy Personal Training Franchise gives back to the community. Causely is Alloy’s giving partner and a really cool organization. Giving back is a core value for the Alloy brand!”, Rick Mayo stated.  

If you are in the fitness space, you’ve probably heard of Causely and their Facebook check-in business. They help businesses, mainly gyms, restaurants, and churches, generate social media reviews and referrals by giving back to their community. This helps a business reach more people while creating a charitable reputation for them.

Here at Alloy Personal Training Franchises, we have found Causely to be a great giving partner, especially because prior to using them, we would spend so much time trying to vet the charities that we wanted to donate. With Causely, we know exactly the impact our donations are having as a business.

Alloy is the only company that continued to donate funds each month and continued to give even during the pandemic.

Jeff Presley, Causely Sales Director

What is Causely and Why Get Involved

While giving back to your local community is an altruistic nature for a connection right away while doing good for your business. Now, doing good can be defined in many ways, but with Causely it’s giving back to charity. It’s not just one charity, but many charities and more charities each month. Giving back is being a good member of society, a good member of the community, a good member of anywhere in the U.S. That was very attractive to Jeff to not only be doing business development and not just signing people up. At the day, a kid gets a meal, a family gets access to clean water, a homeless person gets a winter jacket, or a puppy/kitten gets rescued from an animal shelter. His day to day is helping businesses helping customers; whether it’s a gym, a church, a restaurant, or Alloy Personal Training Franchise to grow the business and reach new members coming in by giving back. It’s organic growth accomplished on social media.

So when Jeff started with a local gym in Lexington, they were trying to give back. They were already doing things like a shoe drive, Thanksgiving food drive, toy drives, and the Angel Tree. Then they were trying to use social media to reach more people at the same time. Very organic and simple to show up at the gym and check-in, but it also shows your friends online where you are and something about the business. They show business info with their star rating, physical address, phone number, and a map. So show up to the gym, check in, and 200- 400 people see the check in. Great social reach, which was great, but people got tired of asking them to check in.

Then to incentivize or motivate members to check ins, Causley connected check ins to charities and giving back to not only have greater social reach, but actually doing good and helping others. That’s a win-win-win.  So it took off with gyms and other organizations started asking to do the same thing with churches, restaurants, chiropractic practices and more. That is when Causely was born as a cause marketing business with a turnkey social media campaign that gives back to charity.

Causely vet the charities for you, so you don’t have to figure out what charity to use. Is the charity trustworthy? Where does the funding going go? We do designated funding for a particular cause and not the charity overhead or expenses. Designated funding means you’re providing a meal for a kid, not for paving a parking lot or buying administrative computers. So we vet the charity, we do designated funding, and have third party accountability. Third party accountability means Causely verifies where the money is  going.

Lastly, Causely provides the marketing content like social media posts, emails, newsletters, and other marketing materials. There is a dashboard to help the business track check ins and how many likes and reviews. Causley provides all this to the business with a monthly subscription. Then the business just needs to help create the excitement, deliver the vision, and bring some passion and their members, whether it’s church members, gym members, patrons in the restaurant, or retail.

Key Takeaways

  • What is Causely and what they do (02:53)
  • How a Facebook Check-in is a powerful marketing tool (06:08)
  • How a giving culture helps a business (12:06)
  • Data shows that a business that gives back will attract more customers (13:35)
  • How Alloy Franchise is paying it forward (18:41)
  • How Causely helps Alloy bring awareness to our giving culture (21:20)
  • Stronger together for the common good (23:33)
  • Looking good, feeling good, and doing good (27:16)

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