Alloy Personal Training Franchise now offers a smaller fitness franchise model with a lower investment to complement the standard franchise business model.  This is the perfect model for fitness professionals to own their own business with a lower investment.  The standard model has two pods that two coaches can train 12 clients in each session. The new low cost fitness franchise opportunity will include one pod that one coach can train a maximum of 6 clients per session.

Matt and Rick describe the new smaller Alloy business model has a smaller footprint.  The new smaller fitness franchise model will lower the investment price threshold, making it less expensive to open due to the smaller footprint. However, the return on investment is still high which makes this model very appealing to fitness professionals who wish to own their own facility.

Rick stated”  There are several reasons why we are bringing this new model to the market. First, over the years we have worked with many fitness professionals, such as personal trainers and strength coaches, and amassed a loyal following. With our standard model, the investment requirement excluded many fitness professionals.  Now we will be able to cater to the smaller fitness business investor and give them an opportunity to own a fitness facility. We are giving them a shortcut to owning a fitness business and continue their passion of helping people while the Alloy machine handles the rest.”

 Check out what makes the Alloy Personal Training business model the best franchise opportunity.  

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the new low cost fitness franchise model and why it might be a good fit for you. Now is the perfect time to invest in a smaller low cost fitness franchise opportunity.

Key Takeaways

  • Alloy offers a new franchise fitness model with a smaller footprint and less investment (01:30)
  • Why this new model appeals to the fitness professionals wishing to own their own facility (03:07)
  • Why we are bringing this new model to the market now (03:34)
  • Smaller models are low cost to get up and running and wildly profitable (11:54)
  • Merits of going for a franchise rather than going out on your own (13:57)
  • Buying a franchise is buying a massive shortcut (16:38)
  • Can investors consider this new smaller model? (18:03)


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