Alloy Personal Training Franchise is in the news with Rick Mayo, entrepreneur and founder, discussing how earning and building trust with his customers and growing franchise community is key to franchise success. With a growing Alloy podcast, YouTube channel, and with keynotes and published articles on fitness, franchising, and more, Mayo is a true believer in trust as a strategy (“TAAS”).

“I started this fitness business over 30 years ago from humble beginnings. What helped me through challenging times was hard work and the trusting relationships I had with people. In the past several years, as Alloy expanded and entered the world of franchising, I have come to understand more each day how important earning trust is as a key strategy for success,” said Mayo.

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After an unequaled year of loss, challenges, and uncertainty, a recent report concluded that 2020 was a year of “an epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust of societal institutions and leaders around the world.”

The Edelman Trust Barometer report, conducted annually, released its findings after a survey of 33,000 in 28 countries between October and November of 2020. The 2021 report showed declines in trust in institutions like government and media, with businesses seeing a slight rise in trust. This erosion of trust, in general, has been underway for some time, according to Edelman’s research and the implications to society are harmful and significant. It is challenging, if not impossible, for people to work together without trust.

In the business of franchising, trust is essential to success more than ever before. Regardless of the franchise operation, earning and building trust is fundamental to the company’s overall viability and a significant differentiator in franchising; and it does not stop at the franchise level. It influences the entire culture of the brand, radiating out to the customers and staff, creating a more positive workplace and a more stable business model. This, in turn, makes customers want to work with you and helps protect the success of the brand.

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