Giving back has been a longstanding part of the Alloy Personal Training Franchise brand mission.  Alloy partnered with Causley after identifying them as a solution to support charities with a purpose around the world and give back to the community.

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In the early days, the company would choose charities that were meaningful and impactful to a wide range of people both locally and around the world.  However, it was difficult to find the right charities and to vet them knowing that they were making a real impact.

Stronger together is not just a tagline for Alloy Personal Training Franchise it is their philosophy.  It flows from the leadership of its founder, owners, and partners, to its franchisees and members.  The team at Alloy understands the importance of giving back.

Surveys show that most consumers expect brands they support to give something back.  It is not enough to avoid doing harm; today’s consumers expect businesses to do good. Research shows that if two businesses are otherwise equal the consumer will choose the one that gives back to charitable causes.  Causely’s program helps create a sense of community by doing good together.

In addition to the over $150K Alloy has donated to Causley to support charities with a purpose, the platform also enables member involvement and tangible outcomes.  Charities include rescuing animals, planting trees, supplying vitamins and providing clean water to those in need, assisting school children with meals, books, and facilities just to name a few.

Causley’s motto is “doing good is good for your business”.  They offer a turn-key social media campaign that gives back to world-class charities.  In addition to diversifying the donations received by Alloy as part of an ongoing partnership,  Causely’s program also incentivizes members by donating to charity for each FB check-in at your business, FB review or recommendation, or a FB post that mentions the business.  The two most trusted sources of information are recommendations from friends and online reviews, and research shows that these are important factors in building trust which is essential for the success of any business.

Another way that Causley can help businesses is the organic exposure the program offers. Less traditional advertising can reach more people, and organic is what you see with your friends, so donate to a good cause.  Causely is proven to reach more people for less than traditional advertising while giving to great causes and making an impact around the world.

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