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In the second episode of the Alloy Personal Training Business Podcast Matt Helland and Rick Mayo discuss a major challenge facing gym owners and managers is finding and keeping a team of top-notch personal trainers on board. In this episode, they touch on the concepts and strategies for dealing with trainer turnover. To illustrate the point of turnover, Matt and Rick use the River & Ponds analogy, which says that some people will come into your business and it will be a river for their career. Meaning, they will be here today then the current (the market) will take them somewhere else in a short period of time. The opposite is the pond, where employees stick around for a long period of time. Surprising to some, they both come with their own challenges. How to go about making it a win-win for everybody in two different situations is the topic of today’s conversation, so tune in!

Key Points of Discussion

  • The rivers and ponds concept: Short-term and long-term employees (1:15)
  • Old is not always gold (3:32)
  • Mentorship: A test drive for both the employer and the employee (3:42)
  • Starting with the easy part, that often is your training protocols (6:57)
  • It’s not a bad idea to ask them how long they plan to stick with you  (9:17)
  • Helping people grow (11:30)

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