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In this episode, we are going to explore different types of reward systems and how they positively affect client retention. Rewards, both the structured ones and the ones that are personal and impromptu, go a long way in increasing customer engagement and driving the type of client behavior that you want to see.

In concurrence with a set of principles laid out in a book we’ve read, we’ll be emphasizing that it’s important to increase the number of high points in the customer experience. That can serve to offset the things that are just “good enough” and thus help create an overall high customer satisfaction scenario. And yes, the personal touch – exhorting the individual customer towards higher things and celebrating even the small accomplishments, is as important as having a structured rewards system in place. We are going to talk about this, and more, so stay tuned.

  • Surprisingly personable rewards tell the customer you’re paying attention (0:59)
  • Clients’ gifts and structured reward programs such as referral incentives (4:01)
  • Taking a leaf out of Disney’s book: Optimizing the peaks, the high points (7:34)
  • Look for little wins for your customers on a daily basis, and systemize that (10:51)
  • Little things can create the peaks, as a California hotel case study shows (11:27)  
  • Creating high peaks for regulars instead of chasing your lowest end customers (17:57)


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