In this episode, we share our seven keys to creating a great personal training customer experience for personal training clients. Creating a great personal training customer experience can be as simple as greeting your clients on their way in and thanking them after they finish a personal training session, but it will go a long way towards creating an exceptional and inviting personal training customer experience for clients.

In the personal training business, things are supposed to be more intimate and more personal by default. There are situations that call for building a community, even within the construct of personal training. 

How to go about describing the benefits of an exercise to a client? What is the importance of touching the client? What do you say to a client who has a goal of losing 25 pounds and is stuck at 15? And to a client who says “thank you” at the end of a session?

Stay tuned to know all this, and more.

The Best Personal Training Customer Experience – 7 Core Tenants

  • Greetings within 10 secs of entering the front doors, with the name added (1:36)
  • An effective introduction – two different scenarios (5:23)
  • Describing the benefits of an exercise through the personal training client’s lens (8:05)
  • A touch on the arm or a pat on the back (11:37)
  • Finding a win for each personal training client in every session (13:30)
  • Holding personal training clients accountable and asking them when they’re coming in next (15:58)
  • Thanking your personal training clients before they leave (18:04)


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