Have you been thinking about how to start a personal training business?   Anthony Wilkins, co-owner of Alloy for Women, discusses his transition from personal trainer to personal training business owner and the challenges he’s overcome.

He also let us in on his background, how the women’s concept gym got to where it is, and the things he’s learned along the way. His experiences can help those of you who are maybe thinking about opening your own gym or maybe changing your personal training model.

Anthony also talks about being a personal trainier first and how to start a personal training business.  He iniatialy had sort of an identity crisis around going from being a coach at an established personal training center to an personal training owner, starting from scratch and gaining a foothold in Suwanee, Georgia.

Key Takeaways:

  • They zeroed in on Suwanee after some research. “You have to do your research.” (9:07)
  • Getting to know people that were big in the community, and leveraging that (12:27)
  • Figuring out how much cash flow one wants to always have on hand (15:11)
  • There’s no clocking out when it is your baby (16:52)
  • The ability to ask for help is the biggest skill that somebody’s going to need… (17:50)
  • “80% is what I think you can do. The other 20, you need to come along with me.” (24:52)
  • In the light of close relationships built, it’s tough when changing location (35:28)

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