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Matt Helland is the Vice President of Programming for Alloy Personal Training. A former college baseball player, Matt has been a personal trainer since 2006. His favorite aspect of being a trainer is teaching people how to use their training to create a healthier, happier version of themselves every day.

Since 2010 Matt has been creating all of the programming that Alloy has to offer. Matt credits Rick Mayo and the Alloy team for showing him how to be a great trainer and what it takes to run a successful personal training business. Matt is looking forward to taking all that he has learned throughout his career to helping others realize their dream of running a successful personal training franchise business of their own. 

In the first episode of the Alloy Personal Training Business Podcast, Host, Founder, and CEO of Alloy Personal Training, Rick Mayo and Matt Helland discuss the current landscape of the fitness industry. In particular, how they deal with the existing coaching and personal training business models. 

There’s a lot of money in fitness right now, and the economy is doing really well – the industry is growing overall. With that being said, there’s a lot more competition in the market – one has got to be business-savvy to survive and thrive. Tune in as Rick and Matt dive into a more in-depth overview of the business of fitness.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Boom time for fitness sector marked by intense competition (1:31)
  • In the personal training space, the regular gym, disruptor, and Planet Fitness models doing well (2:45)
  • Lots of people in the game right now – prices going down (3:42)
  • Studios, large clubs and boot camps compared (4:44)
  • Working on small group training and personal training (11:41)
  • Active living: Serving the 50-plus crowd (21:18)


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