The Summerfield Alloy Personal Training Franchise recently had a featured article in a business profile with owners, Lara Gallert and Kathy Mazzoli.   They describe their secret to success and the unique Alloy personal training approach.  Their program is not like any other fitness program with their unique combination of goal setting, accountability, and motivational coaching employed to produce the results members desire.  The first visit includes a comprehensive starting point session and every 4 to 6 weeks there are follow up review sessions to adjust the personalized fitness and wellness program.

Summerfield Alloy – 5 Step Starting Point Session

  1. Starting Session Appointment
  2. Goal & Needs Analysis
  3. Functional Movement Assessment
  4. Sample Workout Session
  5. Personalized Training Prescription

Read how Lara and Kathy of the Summerfield Alloy location work with clients to reach their goals of success.  They develop customized workout plans after a comprehensive goal setting and biometric body composition analysis. Click image to download the document.

Alloy Personal Training - Summerfield Franchise location

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