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In the movie Forrest Gump, “momma” tells her son, Forrest, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Thinking back on my life I can really understand what those words mean because if you had asked me twenty years ago if I was going to be part of building a global fitness franchise brand as COO and part owner I wouldn’t have believed you. You see, being part of building a great personal training franchise brand is something I never thought I would be doing. However after years of hard work we are about to launch what we believe will become the best personal training franchise brand opportunity available.

My Journey In The Fitness Business

Rick Mayo started operating what became the Alloy Personal Training Center business model in 1992. I was a client of his and loved working out there. When Rick faced some business challenges and needed administrative support I offered to help out. Around five years ago when the business began to pursue a licensing model for the Alloy Personal Training Systems we decided I should have some ownership and became the Chief Operating Officer of the brand. Fast forward to today launcinng the Alloy Personal Training franchise brand.  Alloy personal training solutions, systems, platforms, and know-how have been successfully used to serve millions of members in thousands of personal training and fitness facilities around the world. We’ve helped a lot of gym and health club owners improve their fitness businesses. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from our team and licensees. The success we have achieved for our gym and health club customers and their clients thus far make us all really happy.

In the past few years, we began to explore how our team and what the Alloy franchise brand could do more to meet our mission and potential. The name “Alloy” was created under the notion of strength and motion meeting; those two things coming together to create something bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting. What is particularly important to me in light of this as well, was the number of women who own fitness businesses and who are part of helping to improve people’s lives. Being a leader in the personal training and fitness industry as a female and helping and watching other women excel resonates even more for me personally as an important aspect of our future.

Last year the Alloy team decided to plan on creating a franchise brand out of the Alloy Personal Training Centers with the intention of making it the best Personal Training franchise brand available. We have been working on the necessary steps in our next journey in the world of fitness. Making Alloy Personal Training Centers the leading Personal Training Franchise is something we are really excited about and is getting underway late this summer.

The Alloy team will continue to service our current gym and health club licensee customers, however, starting in September we will no longer bring on new licensees and will begin to develop the new franchise brand. Existing licenses will be able to continue to benefit from our systems, tools, platforms, and solutions. We love our licensees and appreciate all they have done to work with us and become stronger together during our journey over the past decade.

Why Franchising An Alloy Personal Training Center Is The Right Decision

In the coming months, I’ll be sharing more details behind the Alloy Personal Training Center Franchise brand and why it’s such a great idea and personal training business opportunity. But in the meantime, it comes down to what makes franchise opportunities successful. There are many factors to success in franchising but the main points come down to the five key ingredients detailed in the next section.

Five Keys that Make Franchise Opportunities Successful
  1. The Franchise Market Opportunity – As a category, fitness products and services have seen a significant surge in the past decade as people are paying closer attention to their health and wellbeing. There have also been other franchise brands who have been very successful as fitness franchises. Ironically we have directly helped several of those. The macro trends are there for continued growth in demand for health and fitness products and services. In particular, there are ripe business opportunities in certain consumer segments in the fitness space and we think we understand how to target and service those groups well. The bottom line is there is a lot of market opportunity for franchisees with our personal training concept which has been proven over the years and this is a key ingredient to the success of any franchise.
  2. Financial Performance Of The Franchise Brand Business Model – We’ve been operating and licensing our personal training systems for decades and understand the metrics and financial dynamics of the business model. This is really important because without a profitable model you can’t expect to have a successful franchise. While operating results will vary for a variety of factors including location, capitalization, execution and more, for people seeking franchise opportunities having a proven profitable model is key.
  3. The Culture Of The Franchisor – At Alloy our company is built on a solid foundation of integrity and values with staff and leadership that is hands-on and knows how to support and coach it’s licensee partners for success. We believe in working together to achieve something bigger and that is what the name “Alloy” represents. The forging of motion and strength to become something even better.
  4. How The Franchise Concept Is Differentiated – The Alloy Personal Training franchise brand has identified targeted buyer personas who as seeking the personal training services our concept provides. We have been serving these particular clients for many years and understand their wants and needs. Our concept is not just another fitness franchise. Our market and business model focuses on a very specific customer.
  5. The Franchise Has A Proven System – Last but not least when it comes to operating systems, marketing, pricing, service models, build out, location, equipment, and the long list of variables involved in opening and operating a personal training business, we’ve been there and done that. Having a franchise brand model with proven systems and tools to operate is essential. Operating the business franchise brand model of Alloy personal training for many years and with thousands of health club and gym customers, we like to think we have that figured out.

I’ll keep you in the loop in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead as we progress with bringing our personal training franchise to market. In the interim feel free to reach out and share your thoughts and insights to the team at Alloy Personal Training Solutions.


Suzanne is a dedicated fitness industry leader and innovator who loves to get stuff done. “It’s better to give than to receive” is a mantra Suzanne thrives by and says she shines brightest when she is serving others.

Suzanne entered the fitness industry when she joined Rick Mayo at team Alloy in 2011,  prior to their partnership, she had been a microbiologist. Another very important role that Suzanne has taken on through the years when called to serve has been that of a respite Foster Parent.

Suzanne’s current focus is optimizing the systems for the new Alloy Personal Training Franchise Solution Model.  Currently, Suzanne is also overseeing renovations at the original flagship location, in Georgia AKA “The Mother Ship”.

When is not running the day to day operations of Alloy Personal Training Center she enjoys spending time with her 4 adult children, their spouses, her five adorable grandkids and 9-year-old golden retriever, Charly entertaining, cooking, or simply hanging out and enjoying a glass of wine.

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