in this episode, we share 2 investor’s stories about why chiropractors add Alloy Franchises to their business model. Two chiropractic physicians, Dr. David Jolson and Dr. RJ Burr share what attracted them to the Alloy Personal Training franchise model and why they chose Alloy to complement their chiropractic treatment programs.

Benefits of Personal Training For Chiropractors

  • Joint Integrity
  • Rebuild Muscles
  • Improve Balance
  • Increase Stability
  • Manage Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain 
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Improve Daily Living Activities
  • Increase Athletic Performance

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Two Chiropractors Add Alloy Franchise To Their Chiropractic Practices

1. Dr. David Jolson Adds Alloy To 3 Upstate Spine and Sport Locations

Dr. Jolson is a Chiropractic Physician at Upstate Spine and Sport with 3 locations in Greenville, SC. He will be adding an Alloy Personal Training Franchise at each of the 3 locations.

Dr. David Jolson is focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, quickly relieving pain, and teaching his patients how to prevent future issues. Dr. Jolson is the chiropractor for the Greenville Triumph, Furman University Paladins, Hincapie Racing Team, and PGA Tour pros like Bill Haas and Ben Martin. He is also a consultant for the Greenville Drive. He was voted as the Best Chiropractor multiple times in the Greenville News Best of the Upstate SC. Dr. Jolson has a unique background, combining principles from the medical profession, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and sports performance.

” We chose Alloy for many reasons – the excellent assessment process and individualized workout programming,  the refined systems and technology that helps support the experience and outcomes of the client, the support and long-term vision from Rick and his team, and the community that will be created through clients working towards their goals together.” 

Dr. David Jolson, Chiropractic Physician at Upstate Spine and Sport and owns 3 Alloy locations in Greenville, SC.

In the podcast below, Dr. Jolson shares the secret behind his strong pre-sales. Anybody who has gone through a pre-sale process will be amazed, because he spent $0. Three weeks in to his pre-sale, he secured almost 100 members without spending anything. 

Essentially, he is reaping the trust and reputation he has built in his community with his performance clinic and chiropractic business over the years. This makes it easy for him to get people to sign up for fitness because they trust him.

Dr. Jolson is a consummate entrepreneur and shares his strategies for running a profitable clinic, building trust in his market, and connecting his patients to his Alloy locations.

Dr. Jolson shared, “The recurrence rate of previous injuries in musculoskeletal medicine is incredibly high. Our goal in the clinical setting is to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and get them back to what they love as quickly as possible. The next step is improving function and getting strong within their full Range of Motion (ROM). In my opinion, the best way to do this is with a thoughtful personal training program. Every patient is unique and needs to be trained accordingly. Alloy Personal Training will be an extension of our clinic, creating a system where we can take a patient from pain to performance. This is a great system for Chiropractors and Physical Therapists who don’t want to create dependency in their treatments, but provide an avenue to getting their patient better and stronger.”

2. Dr. RJ Burr Adds Alloy To REACH Rehab and Chiropractic Center

Dr. RJ Burr is a Chiropractic Physician, Cert. MDT and Founder at Reach Rehab and Chiropractic Performance Center in Plymouth, MI.

He has an eclectic background in human movement, manual therapy, and rehabilitation. He also is a Certified MDT in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. People often say he is different, more like a Physical Therapist than a chiropractor. His philosophy is to “Empower patients to take responsibility for their own recovery of function.” As the founder of REACH he works according to my belief that for you to have a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, you must be responsible for your health by eating well, moving well, and moving often.”

Dr. RJ Burr-chiropractic physician

“Traditional one-on-one personal training is expensive, and the lack of individual specificity in group fitness classes and big-box gyms is an injury invitation and return to physical therapy or chiropractic care. Alloy offers the ‘Goldie Lox’ zone of quality training a clinician can confidently recommend, and at a price point anyone can afford.”

Dr RJ Burr, DC, Cert. MDT and Founder of Reach Rehab and Chiropractic Performance Center in Plymouth. Michigan.

Dr. Burr shared, “One of the greatest struggles of a musculoskeletal clinician is teaching patients how to be self-sustainable once they have recovered and been discharged from their care. Because the greatest risk of injury is previous injury, all patients need an individualized self-care strategy to help them maintain their results, which often includes the recommendation of strength training. Personal training is a fantastic vehicle to facilitate the transition from rehab exercise to performance exercise, where they no longer rely on clinician care. The benefit is re-injury risk mitigation and improved daily activity performance, whether it’s lifting a barbell or a laundry basket.”.

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Want to learn more why the chiropractors add Alloy Franchises, how it can complement your business model, and support your chiropractic treatment programs.

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