In this episode, we discuss how important a consistent customer experience is key to business success. In fact, many people may take it for granted, but a consistent customer experience plays a big part in the franchise business model by creating winning systems and strategies from the start. You see, if you want to scale your business, you want to then hire another trainer and then another one, you need to make sure that you can turn to your team and say: “This is how we do things.” 

Take, for example, your experience with a haircut. It’s not just about the haircut, but also about the consistent customer experience at the barbershop. Likewise, when it comes to personal training, it’s not just about the workout. No matter if the client is working with you as the original trainer or having one of your trainiers fill in for you, you must make sure there is no lapse in the training customer experience. Being able to deliver effective workouts just barely gives you the right to even be in business in the fitness studio space. Being able to consistently deliver a great workout with a really amazing customer experience each time – now that’s really hard. But if you can do it right, now, you’re cooking with oil. 

To have a successful business playbook, you have to have the right systems and consistent strategies in place before you can run the plays!. Stay tuned as we go about developing a business playbook to help you connect the dots to a consistent customer experience.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • He says, “I’m not going to that barber again,” and it’s not about the haircut (2:27)
  • Besides a good workout, your coaches should be giving the same experience (6:15)
  • Same protocol, but it felt different because one person asked for 20 reps (8:56)
  • On a different trainer’s schedule, they should get the same experience (9:31)
  • Recommended: a communication tool to go from one coach to the other (11:00)
  • Clients “getting married” to coaches often about working around injuries (15:09)
  • It’s about the seven core tenets discussed in Episode 4 (16:46)
  • Mediocre firms clocking higher satisfaction due to the consistent customer experience (18:03)
  • You have to build the play before you can say: “Run the play.” (21:24)

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