Reopening The Gyms: Alloy’s Process

Episode Summary

Matt and Rick discuss Alloy’s progress in reopening the gyms as well as how kettlebells fit into your personal training model

Episode Notes

We start off the episode with a quick update on reopening the gym. Half of our clients are coming to the gym while the other half is training on virtual. This shows the need for gyms to remain flexible after reopening and cater to both groups of clients. We have sold some new memberships to our gym without marketing. We lost about 20% of our overall clientele due to the situation. 

The kettlebell is a cool training tool. Clients love it, we explore how they fit into our personal training model, how we use them, and the good things about them. We look at some not so good things about them. Lastly, we look at kettlebells through the lens of gym business.

Kettlebells are one of the favorite tools in the gym for many clients. They help in increasing strength and even building muscles. They may not be the best for building muscle but they certainly have a place. In addition, kettlebells swings help with balance and movement and generally make us feel great which is important to keep clients motivated. 

Reopening the gyms during a time of social distancing, kettlebells are a great tool for workouts. They make everything better but just like any other tool, gym owners should test them with their clients and find out the right use of it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Reopening the gyms – progress and update (01:33)
  • Why Kettlebells are the perfect tool for social distancing workout (05:56)
  • Why coaches should disassociate their likes and dislikes and focus on their client’s fitness goals (17:47)
  • How to use the kettlebell to increase strength  (18:41)
  • How the kettlebell can help build muscle (25:27)
  • Kettlebells make you perform better, feel better and look better (29:51)

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