Author: Matt Helland

When customers enter a personal training program, they want a world-class experience. And you, as a fitness enthusiast, want to give them a world-class customer experience. The question, then, becomes how?

How are you going to set yourself apart? Can you set your personal training program up to deliver a truly unique experience that clients can’t find anyplace else? Are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Here’s our proprietary process for doing just that:

A 3-Step Guide to World-Class Personal Training Customer Experience

Truly excellent customer experience through personal training doesn’t just happen. It’s something you have to pursue actively. With that in mind, here’s the three-step process we use to make each Alloy center excellent:

Step 1: The Meet and Greet

Every person who comes to us looking for personal training services is different. Because of that, it stands to reason that the way we treat them should be different, as well. To truly understand each of our customers, we start every single personal training sale with a sit-down “meet and greet.”

During this session, we dig in and work to understand what that person is looking for in a personal training program. We want to know how we can help them, what their pain points are, and what we need to do to provide the best possible service for them. This initial conversation becomes the bedrock of everything else we do.

Step 2: The Assessment

During the Assessment phase of our personal training journey, we work to quantify movement. We want to help our customers look good and feel great, both have a lot to do with the quality of the movement they get involved with. This is where we begin our discussion of functional movement. A few of our talking points include:

  • How we assign a tangible score to the movements we do in small group training
  • What the actual process looks like
  • How we inspire confidence in our clients by starting small and building up
  • Why it’s so important to us that movement does not equal pain
  • How we apply data to help them continue to improve

At Alloy, we’ve found that it’s not enough to just focus on data or dreams. Instead, we combine the two to create a genuinely functional fitness methodology that works for every unique body.

Step 3: The Sale

This is where we focus on one of the most critical aspects of our consumer experience. We call it the “Don’t Sell From Your Wallet” part. Mostly, it revolves around understanding the value of what we’re selling from a financial standpoint.

When we look at the industry overall, and we consider the changes we’re making for people, we have no problem asking for a  high fee because we know what the value of our offering is.

Just because any one of us hasn’t accumulated enough wealth to be in the position of the hypothetical person sitting across the table doesn’t mean that they are better or that we should be intimidated, or that we’re thinking about what our budgets are when we’re selling to them.

We see this a lot with trainers and salespeople in this industry – they use their own limiting beliefs to limit what they ask for. We believe, though, that you’ll provide a better customer experience if you can stop doing this, right off the bat.

Customer Experience: Customization = Quality

As you’ll see on our blog, in our Sales Series, part of what we did to deliver a great customer experience has been to customize an assessment for the active aging population. This is part of our “customer experience,” and it goes hand-in-hand with the sit-down meet-and-greet.

In the sit-down meeting, we take notes and genuinely get to understand the person we are talking to, who may become a potential member. Our trainers speak to each member and consider what “emotional exercise” opportunities there might be.

We’ve found it to be an excellent way to connect with our customers and to start our legacy out on a solid foot.

Exceptional Customer Experience: Alloy’s Legacy

Here at Alloy, we don’t just talk the talk – we also walk the walk. We can teach people to deliver a world-class personal training service because that’s exactly what we’ve done in our business. Need some extra proof? Check out this video testimonial:

To learn more, check out the article and podcast HERE, which explains how Alloy transitioned from one-on-one training to small group training, and how that made a difference in both our training success rates and our customer satisfaction.

Generating Excellence in Your Own Operation

Today, there are hundreds or thousands of personal and small-group training operations clients can choose from. Virtually the only thing that separates one from the other is experience: what will the client get from the experience of that small-group training, and is it better than what they could get everywhere else?

Here at Alloy, the answer to that last question is always yes. Through decades of offering high-quality training services, we’ve learned how to provide tailored, high-quality experiences. We do this for every customer who walks through our door. And because we specialize in serving the Active Aging segment of the population, this experience is more tailored, results-oriented, and customized than what you’d see in most personal training programs.

If you’d like to bring similar results to your program, it’s easy to scale the approach and shift it to suit your customers. When everything you do begins with an honest conversation that regards that client as an individual, it’s easy to build out from there. When you see your customers as living, breathing people with hopes and dreams, it’s easier to give them exactly what they need from your training program, staff, and facility. We’ve mastered this process, and now we’re happy to teach other facilities to do the same.

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