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Matt and Rick explain the concepts and processes behind creating and delivering great personal training programs for clients.

Episode Notes

Welcome to another episode of the Alloy Personal Training Business Podcast. In this two-part series, we break down the process we go through to design great programs for our clients. We explain in detail the how and why of what we do. Today’s episode is part one, and we go through the process through which we figure out where to place the client into the programming.

Once a client comes to us

We have a starting point session. We are trying to get as much information about them as possible. At Alloy, we call it peeling of the onion or golden needs analysis. We take their health history and their fitness goals. Another thing we do is take note of any injuries they may have now, or they had in the past, their pain motivator, and their expectations.

We then marry the health history with the measurements of the Functional Movement Screen. The FMS is a scientific way to measure movement. In our case, we use an abbreviated version called Modified Screen, which is appropriate for the general population. We then tie this with their health history to determine what programming to place them on. We place our clients into four quadrants based on a scored system. So all clients fit in one of the four quadrants. 

Listen in to this episode and learn more about this process and how to determine the right personal training programming for every client. 

Key Takeaways

  • Getting the health history of a client during their first session with us (04:07)
  • Using the Functional Movement Screen to place our clients in either one of four quadrants (05:39)
  • Marrying health history and functional movement screen scores (08:03)
  • How many our clients fall in the second and third quadrants (09:21)
  • Why you may have to refer people in the fourth quadrant for medical help (12:48)
  • How we accommodate our client’s emotional needs in personal training programming (15:48)

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