In this episode, Matt and Rick discuss “squirrel brain” and how it affects your business.

One of the biggest differentiators can be told by asking the question… who does your business serve? Does it serve you or your customers?

In the fitness industry, you find many independent gym operators running a business because it is something they are passionate about or it serves their personal interests. Many independent fitness entrepreneurs that opened bootcamp type gyms, were actually customers that loved working out so much they decided to open their own facility. They may not have ever been in business before and much less understand the fitness market. This can ultimately have a negative impact. 

Ideally, your business should serve the market and their needs despite your own personal opinions, likes, or biases. Opening a business that serves your passions is not sustainable in the long run.

As a fitness entrepreneur, your role is to look for a gap in the market, define it and then build a business that services that gap. 

And this is the biggest difference between an independent operator and franchisees. A fitness franchise already serves a defined target market. It doesn’t give any room for personal biases to manifest in the business. The business model is already built for you and your target market is dialed in. 

With the Alloy Franchise, we built the business with one end goal in mind, which is to deliver the  absolute best service possible to our target market segment. It’s encouraging for a franchisee to know we built Alloy to make our fitness customers happy and we relevantly fit into our target market gap. That’s how we’re help franchise owners make money while giving them peace of mind knowing they are helping people. You can put your head on the pillow at the end of the night. Check out Buying a Fitness Franchise: 5 Things to Consider.

Tune in to learn how to avoid your personality and biases affecting your business and why an Alloy Personal Training Franchise can help you serve a defined market, make money and sleep at night!

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Key Takeaways

  • The difference between a franchisee and an independent operator (02:28)
  • Who does your business serve and why (03:58)
  • Opening a business that serves you is not sustainable (05:07)
  • Building a business that serves a gap in the market (06:32)
  • How to avoid your biases manifesting in your business (09:52)
  • Keep the main thing the main thing (11:51)

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