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If you’re interested in starting a fitness franchise, you may already have a long history in the fitness industry. Perhaps you worked in a personal training studio or taught a group class that was packed to the brim each session. Now, you want to take your love of fitness one step further by opening your very own fitness franchise. While owning an Alloy fitness franchise provides many benefits, it also requires some real-world business acumen that you’ll learn on the job. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the top franchise management basics and how you can master them for your own company.

Let’s dive in. 

The Alloy Fitness Franchise: Your Business in a Box

It’s not every day that someone comes along and offers you a lucrative business opportunity with all the onboarding help you need to get started. Here at Alloy, though, that’s precisely what we do for our franchise owners. 

While each Alloy franchise is different thanks to the fact that each franchise owner is different, we thrive on being a replicable business model. Our unbeatable training and support program helps ensure each franchise owner is as successful as possible, and that you hit the ground running when you join our team. 

What Makes Alloy Different?

Today, there are a few dozen fitness franchise opportunities out there, and no two are created equal. At Alloy, we’ve forged an approach to separate ourselves from the competition and stay ahead of the curve. Here are just a few of the unique things we provide our customers:

  • A fitness formula based on tens of thousands of personal training sessions per year.
  • Maximum results in the least amount of time.
  • Programs tested in real facilities and created by degreed exercise physiologists, doctors of physical therapy, registered dietitians, and other behavioral specialists.
  • Cutting-edge science combined with real, in-the-trenches experience.

Each of these elements come together to create real results for real people in a friendly, results-oriented environment.

5 Franchise Management Basics to Master

When you join the Alloy family, you’ll work to master these five franchise management basics:

1. Personalization

No two people are alike, and no two fitness programs should be, either. At Alloy, we create real programs for real people to generate real results. Here’s how we put it for our new franchise owners:

“No one person is the same, nor is the journey toward a healthier, active lifestyle. So why should workouts be the same? Our trainers tailor the Alloy programs for all clients who walk through our doors — no matter their fitness level. From your first session with us, we work to help you reach your goals and become the best version of you!”

The more personalized you can be in your service to your customers, the better the results everyone will see throughout the fitness process. We address personalization by getting to know our clients on a deep level right out of the gate. From the first phone call all the way through the entire lifespan of our client’s membership with us. Firstly, we do this by asking all the important questions during our initial sit-down with our clients. Secondly, we take, keep and communicate important notes regarding our client’s specific needs and values. This allows our team to stay on the same page no matter who our clients are training with. It also deepens our relationship with our clients and lets them know how much we care. 

2. Comprehensive Program Delivery

At Alloy, we specialize in what we call a multi-step program. Here’s what we tell our new franchise owners:

“We start every training process with a one-hour Starting Point session, during which we focus on developing goals and strategy. Each session focuses on:

  • A functional movement screen
  • An accurate non-invasive body composition analysis
  • A sample workout

The result? A customized exercise prescription based on your goals and desired outcomes. No other fitness concept does this. Others offer a “free workout” — where you dive in without any consideration for you as an individual. Alloy, on the other hand, takes into account any past injuries, exercise history, and your individual goals. That’s why we say, “they do classes, we do personal training!”

You can learn more about our step by step proven process in our most recent podcast series. We break down each step in a four-part series to give you an idea of not only what we do but what it takes to execute what we do and why it works!

3. Tenacity

We believe that when you show up every day, you get results, and we love working with tenacious, dedicated franchise owners. We love to see franchise owners show up and get things done. Part of the reason this is so important is that it translates through to clients. When getting into franchise management it is very important to lead your team by example. 

When people join Alloy, they can get to work doing regular workout sessions, tracking progress in our custom app, and scheduling biweekly personal meetings to discuss things like nutrition, essential coaching, and more. The more tenacious and dedicated you are as a franchise owner, the better able you’ll be to deliver these things to your clients. Much like we talk about in our recent podcast series as it relates to our sales process, The Sale Part 4, tenacity has everything to do with understanding the value of what you are offering and how you deliver that value to the people walking through your door. 

4. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail in franchise management breeds greatness in all things. When you join the Alloy family as a franchise owner, this attention to detail will go a long way toward helping you create a powerful, functional fitness program. This is one of the many ways Alloy differentiates ourselves from other franchise opportunities. We have custom-built an assessment as part of our process to help prescribe the right membership solution for our clients. 

Here’s another way we relate our commitment to detail to our new franchise owners and customers:

Alloy technology tracks your workout frequency and intensity so that we can track your progress towards your goals. Each Alloy membership includes specific accountability appointments to provide additional motivation and guidance.

5. Commitment

Here at Alloy, we are in business to change the life of everyone who steps on the gym floor. We don’t succeed if you aren’t meeting your goals. Here’s what we tell our clients:

“Our certified trainers help you conquer your goals and help you continue to grow — and reach for new goals you never even imagined.”

The best franchise owners come in with a commitment to commitment. They understand this trait makes them an excellent franchise owner, and they’re willing to bring it into their management style. 

Become the Best Franchise Owner With Alloy

Franchise management is an excellent opportunity for any business owner – new or existing. If you love fitness and want to be a part of this growing industry, owning a fitness franchise is an excellent option. 

While you don’t need any prior experience to own an Alloy franchise, mastering these franchise management tactics is a great way to give yourself a leg-up in the industry, and ensure the success of your company both now and in the future.

Here at Alloy, we’ll help train you in all the franchise management basics you need to succeed. Contact us today to request a free information package.

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