Rami Odeh is a highly accomplished motivational speaker, coach, author, health and fitness expert, an Alloy Franchise owner, and an independent Sales Rep for Alloy Personal Training Franchises. Odeh has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their full potential. Through his personal journey of transformation and success in the fitness world, Coach Rami Odeh has become a true inspiration to countless individuals around the globe.

Odeh’s latest transformation began in 2021 when he took a break from long-distance endurance competitions to dedicate himself to building his body. “It’s something I always wanted to do,” said Odeh, “I decided to spend the next year seeing what I could achieve in terms of muscle size, leanness, etc., by my 60th birthday.”

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Previously, Odeh says he “tried to do it all” – a competitive runner, triathlete, etc. He also hit the gym 3x a week to add (or at least not lose too much) muscle weight. Odeh became a very successful runner, triathlete, and ultra runner with a highlight of running 100 miles straight in 2012. 

But for him, it was a daily battle, trying to stay lean and not lose precious muscle tissue. 

Inspiring him on his quest was not only his improving his own health and fitness, but he also wanted to inspire others to go after their OWN physical goals at any age. He wanted to be sure that “getting old” would not hold them back. His motto is, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”

Being a coach himself, Odeh knows the power of accountability. “When you set off on a challenging goal, sometimes you need help, so I hired a bodybuilding-specific coach.” said Odeh.  

For even more accountability, Odeh hired a professional photographer and paid for a whole-day photoshoot. “Nothing like knowing you will be photographed in your skivvies to motivate someone,” said Odeh.  

For the next year, he spent nine months building muscle while getting leaner, going from 200lbs and 19% body fat to 226lbs and 17% body fat. He then spent three months “cutting”, dropping from 226 down to 201 and 11% body fat for the photo shoot. 

He lifted weights 5x a week, never missing a workout in 1 year. Odeh said that “this was the MOST powerful tool in my toolbox,” along with a total revamp of his diet. During the final 14 weeks, he added 1 hour of VERY light cardio 5x a week

Odeh says, “I think I did ok for 60, and the primary goal of inspiring people began.” 

Coach Rami Odeh has been sharing his story on his social media and says he already has 15 people signed up for 2023 “to do what I did—hopefully surpassing my results!.”

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