Rick Mayo, Alloy Founder/CEO, and Matt Helland, Alloy VP Programming, describe how to build a fitness marketing calendar for your fitness business and why it’s crucial for organizational purposes.

When you run a small business like a fitness facility, you juggle many responsibilities . It’s easy to forget some marketing stuff or remember at the last minute leading to half-baked marketing promotions.

You can overcome being overwhelmed by putting together a fitness marketing calendar for the entire year. By planning and organizing ahead of time, you can determine the timeline of what needs to happen by what date and who should be responsible for what task. From an organizational perspective, this plan will help everything run smoothly. Ultimately, this drives engagement and retention for your fitness business if you market the event or promotion appropriately to your members.

At Alloy, we coach the franchisees by helping them create their marketing calendars. We have all the templates and resources ready for Alloy franchises to populate their marketing calendars. The marketing collateral and the play-by-play strategies to execute these marketing promotions are all provided for you. We have a whole playbook on guerilla marketing techniques and how to run each play step-by-step. This is a great guide to help you estimate the time to plan each promo and know when you need to orchestrate the details.

Fitness Marketing Calendar Categories

  • ✅  Internal Marketing Promotions and Events

Events comprise marketing challenges, educational events, drawings for free memberships or SWAG, monthly success stories, supplement of the month, and reward programs for workout frequency.

  • ✅  External Marketing Promotions and Events

Typically, we will create ways to draw potential members to the facility with outside banners or signs to draw leads into your facility. Many cities or leases can require sign permits, so you need to know when you must apply for external temporary signage.

  • ✅  Cross Promotions with Other Businesses

We typically have a different business each month that we target a business cross promotion with. Many businesses that have the same target clientele are excited to work with you on a mutually beneficial promotion, but they don’t want to work too hard on the event. We have all the templates needed to prepare for both the Alloy and the participating business. Many times, you will need to create digital mailers and social media messaging to go along with these.

  • ✅  Community Building with Local Events

Several times a year you will want to be involved with a local event like a 5k run or county fair booth to build fun activities for community exposure and involvement.

  • ✅  Client and Staff Building Events

Quarterly or twice a year, you will want to have some events to build client involvement and staff team building outside the facility. You can do a local bowling event, Halloween party, Christmas celebration, or just organize a run followed by a trip to a brewery.

  • ✅  Holiday Promotions

Of course, holiday promotions are naturally a perfect occasion to create exposure. We have promotions planned for almost any holiday, including Valentines!

As you can see, it is important to have a calendar to plan your work because you will have many promotions and events occurring each month and sometimes simultaneously. Listen in to hear how, why and what of the Alloy Marketing Calendar.

Podcast with: Rick Mayo and Matt Helland

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Key Takeaways:

  • Why you need a marketing calendar (02:55)
  • How a marketing calendar keeps everything organized (04:22)
  • Internal marketing events (06:17)
  • External marketing calendar events (11:54)
  • Cross-promotion and local events (14:52)
  • Client/ staff building events (15:55)
  • Holidays promotions planning (17:57)
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