Episode Summary

Listen in as Rick and Matt sit down to discuss leadership strategies during chaotic times. Leaders must lead themselves, then lead their teams. 

Episode notes

Leadership is important and leaders must do what they set out to do. This is amplified in chaotic times like now. A leader must step up to the plate. We discuss this and much more in this episode. We look at it from three angles. Leading yourself, leading your team and leading your customers. 

To lead yourself, you must have your mind right. You must take good care of yourself and the best way to do this is through a routine. You need to control what you feed your brain as this will affect your decision-making

Secondly, you must lead your team with confidence, not false bravado.  Your teams look up to you for confidence and guidance. This involves things like your body language, being emotionally available, how you present yourself and your facial expressions in chaotic times. All these subtle features are what your team looks at. Remember a team reflects its leader. If you are short of confidence, so will be your team. 

Your team is responsible for leading your customers in these chaotic times. If you lead your team poorly, your team will lead your customers poorly. Being a leader doesn’t mean having all the answers but showing confidence in what you can control. Meeting regularly with your team during these uncertain times and reassuring them. 

Key Takeaways
  • Leaders must do what they set out to do (2:20)
  • Leading yourself by taking care of what you feed your brain regularly (3:45)
  • Keeping things in perspective during uncertain and chaotic times (6:58)
  • Having a routine that involves reading positive materials and having core values (8:45)
  • Being confident by how you show up, your body language and facial expressions (10:21)
  • Being the best version of yourself, bring your A-game, then passing this to your team (14:06)
  • Consistent communication with your team and your customers. You can’t over-communicate  (16:41)
  • Get yourself in the right frame of mind to lead your team, be open and available, project confidence to them so that they can then project that to your customers 921:56)

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