In this episode, Matt and Rick discuss how to make personal training small groups more personal while going beyond just coaching exercise techniques and great workouts.

The focus as a business and a coach is to treat each person as an individual to truly deliver personal training in a small group setting. Each person in front of you is unique in what they need from you as a business or trainer. Finding out what they need and helping them is what personal training is all about.

Delivering a great workout is just one part of helping them. They need help in other aspects of their lives inside and outside the fitness facility. Besides exercise, other things such as nutrition, stress, sleep, and other interests come into the picture. Also, remember that life has its ups and downs. As a personal training coach, you’ve got to guide them through all these things. That puts the ‘personal’ in personal training.

In our model here at Alloy Personal Training, we train a maximum of 6 people in a small group setting. After years of testing with many fitness facilities, we found the magic number of six people to one coach was the best number to keep the personal training concept workable and the business model scalable. We can provide each person a personalized program based on their fitness level, goals, and even adjust for injuries. Each person in the group has their own fitness prescription.

The Alloy ratio of training six people to one coach is unique in the fitness industry. It is still personal training, but we are in the sweet spot in the middle of the spectrum between the big class-based fitness concepts and, on the other end of the spectrum, the one-on-one personal training concepts. Although our ideal customer is the same avatar as the one-on-one training model, the one-on-one training concept isn’t as scalable or profitable. We provide a better value proposition to still deliver 100% personal training, but at a lower cost. 


  • Greet each person by name within 10 secs of entering the front doors 
  • Provide introductions to other members 
  • Describing the benefits of each exercise through the client’s perception 
  • Personal encouragement 
  • Find “personal wins” for each personal training client in every session 
  • Hold personal training clients accountable by asking them when they’re coming in next or schedule reviews
  • Thank your personal training clients before they leave 

We approach each individual client every day with their fitness prescription. What does that person right in front of me need to day? That means how do they feel today? Do they have any minor injuries to accommodate that don’t cause a complete program redesign? Where are they mentally? Are they under a lot of stress? Are they getting enough sleep? There are a lot of things that coaches need to factor in how to apply their workout each day.

Our systems provide guidance and training on how to approach personalized training, how to build a consistent customer experience, and along with our 7 Core Tenants. We call people by name, explain the exercises and benefits, introduce them to other people, stay on top of showing up for their workouts, discuss nutrition, and hold them accountable for their goals. As a health advisor and coach in their life, we make sure they not only will be successful in the gym, but in life outside of the gym.

The Alloy programs and systems are there to support, but ultimately the personal training brand promise means there is a passion and care for the clients to achieve their goals of being a healthier individual while approaching each person individually, and holding them accountable outside the gym.

Tune in to learn more about the Alloy systems to deliver a personal experience. 

Key Takeaways

  • Servicing personal training in a small group setting (02:36)
  • The value proposition of personal training in a small group (05:50)
  • What do people look for in personal training in and out of the gym (06:36)
  • Delivering consistent customer experience (07:07)
  • The 7 core tenets of personal training (09:50)
  • Managing clients through their ups and downs (10:35)
  • How to treat each person as an individual in a group (12:15)

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