Michael Kurkowski, The Strength Connection Podcast, interviews Rick Mayo, CEO – Alloy Personal Training, on why and how to systematize your business for success in the fitness and personal training industry.


Many people in the fitness industry often wonder how you can systematize personal training and make it scalable, but to be successful and help more people, systems and processes are necessary to grow.

Like many fitness businesses, Rick certainly didn’t have systems in place early in his business. A couple of incidences he discusses in this episode almost brought everything down, but looking back, this was the turning point that led to the success of the Alloy Personal Training Franchise.

Rick’s Alloy Personal Training Systems represent one of the most successful personal training fitness models per square foot globally.

Systematic Approach To Personal Training

1. Consistent Customer Experience For Each Visit

In a personal training setting or fitness coaching setting, if all of your isn’t running the same customer playbook and delivering the same customer experience for each visit, you are likely to lose customers. If the message or delivery differs from each trainer, there’s going to be a bit of a disconnect from the customer. If the customer experience inconsistent, it is hard to build a business brand on inconsistencies. Even though the workout is still productive, it is going to cause the customer to feel disconnected from whatever the service is supposed to provide and they’re more than likely not going to stay. Alloy’s systems deliver the same high level of customer expectations for each visit, location and workout.

2. Systemized Workouts

Many Alloy clients have busy schedules and built habits to stay accountable. They like to come at the same time for their small group training sessions, working out with a coach and their regular group. For example, we have a group of clients come in for a workout session with one coach on Monday, then the same group comes Wednesday and gets a different workout with another coach – it creates a disconnect. It could literally be a very similar program, but coached differently that you lose the clients at the end with just one minor detail.

The key to success in business, and especially franchises, is to create a really consistent customer experience. Things that seem small and harmless, like ending workouts with a different exercise, can really drive a wedge between you and your customers.

The Alloy Franchise system has an app that guides all the coaches with the training formats for various clients. You don’t want a newer coach not to be accepted by clients versus an experience coach, because they don’t know the appropriate and recommended exercises for all clients. At Alloy, we have the seven core tenants of a great session, and we have to run them the same every time. We also have a grading system that we sort of secret shop, to make sure the customer experience is the same at every franchise from the time you enter the facility, your workouts, the products and services, the APP, and the communication after.

Benefits of a Systemized Approach

A business that is systemized allows you to grow your personal training business by allowing you to hire different people that you can train without having to find that unicorn that had an exercise science degree that is also a team player. Finding a special person is really difficult, and one that doesn’t have preconceived notions about what’s best. When we systemized hiring and training, it made the business much easier to operate. It also is the way to scale your business to grow and opens up so many more possibilities recruiting talent for your business.

Join us in this insightful and captivating talk and learn more about the importance of personal training systems.

Podcast with: Rick Mayo and Michael Kurkowski

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Key Points

  • The haircut story (01:49)
  • Communicate to clients through their lens (11:33)
  • Why it’s important to systematize your business (17:55)
  • How to successfully pivot your fitness model (25:08)
  • Helping clients own their fitness journey (38:51)
  • Building a personal training franchise (45:44)
  • Alloy retention rates (51:37)
  • Why you should charge your clients more (59:46)

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