Most people in the fitness industry are passionate about fitness, but is passion for fitness important when running a fitness business? What type of passion is most conducive to owning a fitness business?

We often see people in our industry have passion for a particular tool, mechanism, type of training, etc. This personal passion can manifest in their business selfishly sometimes when it is not truly about the customer. This is a big mistake to use as the basis for your business idea because fitness training, trends, fads, and equipment can come and go.

If you use passion for fitness as your basis for a business, then it should be to help people meet their health and fitness goals. This way, you can look at the business through the lens of what the customer truly needs, rather than what you might be passionate about. Your role is to do things that make your business successful and solve a problem in the market.

As a fitness entrepreneur, your business is not there to serve you. There are many businesses started just because it is a new fad, then it became a reason to start a business – just because the owner was passionate about the fad. This is very common in fitness to have fads and when people lose their interest and passion for the fad they get bored with their business. If you are an owner involved with that fad, your business is probably not based on what is best long term for the customer. So take a step back and realize your business is suffering because it was all about you and not about the customer.

With Alloy we recognized after many years in the trenches, not only did our clients like our small group personal training, but our programs are the best thing for client’s health and well-being. We know from 30 years in business in 2,000 clubs licensed worldwide, our product is the best vehicle to get people the best results.

So is passion a friend or foe? I think passion is something that will get you out of bed in the morning, make you work hard, and sleep at night knowing that you’re changing lives for the better. Passion will make you work through tough situations because it’s a noble, larger cause than just yourself. So we recognized that there’s a vehicle out there that can provide you a tool to accomplish that goal, and we built our business model to fill a gap in the market – that’s why Alloy is successful. If your passion is about kettlebells or yoga, that’s fine, but don’t think that’s going to manifest itself into a business model. Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t!

We have talked about this in another customer perspective podcast, don’t let your personal neurosis manifest itself in your business. So I would encourage you guys to stress test the passion you have for your business and how you help customers achieve their goals. Listen to your customers. If you are bored, you’ve been doing it for a while, and you want to do something else – think about combining the best of passion, fitness and the Alloy Franchise business.

Tune in to learn more about how to succeed in a fitness business without relying on your personal passion for fitness and truly help improve your clients’ health and well-being.

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Key Takeaways

  • Passion – friend or foe (02:04)
  • The one thing that’ll make you successful in a fitness business (04:18)
  • Passion comes and goes (05:01)
  • Your business is not there to serve you (08:09)
  • Your customers don’t care about your passions (10:42)
  • How narrow framing affects your decision making (13:35)
  • Don’t let your personal neurosis manifest itself in the business (14:07)
  • Listen to your customers (18:50)

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