When all you have is a hammer, everyone is a nail. How and why it’s so important for coaches to ignore their own personal biases when it comes to programming and keep a client focus.

Many coaches or personal trainers find it hard to disassociate their likes and dislikes from their client’s needs. They are passionate about certain training types, modalities, or even equipment and project this to their clients. That’s why it easy to tell the preferences a particular coach has by watching their clients. However, this is not the right way to go about it. Rick and Matt persuade coaches and gym owners that the different types of training, modalities, equipment, etc., are just tools in our toolboxes. Our work in the fitness industry is to deliver happiness to our clients. To effectively do so, we have to dissociate our likes and dislikes from our client’s needs. We have to look at everything we are doing from the lens of the client. Our goal should be to make as many people happy as we can, and to do this, we have to put our personal preferences and ego aside and focus on the client.

Rick talks about a favorite book called Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of Zappos.  Delivering Happiness is about delivering a great business and customer service experience to clients. Zappos is a shoe company, but it really had nothing to do with shoes. Shoes were the vehicle, but the company was about providing great customer service and customer interactions with a great delivery system. At the end of the day, the actual service was selling happiness. Rick describes how that applies to personal training where fitness is the vehicle, but the goal is to make people feel good, build self-esteem, and create a happy client. When you are on top of your fitness game, you are better in every other area of your life and we’re using fitness as a vehicle to do that.

So if you are someone wanting to get into the fitness business, questions to ask yourself would be why would you want to be a personal trainer or why would you own an Alloy Personal Training franchise. The burning desire or goal should ultimately be that you’re trying to serve people, serve your community, and make people happy. Keeping a client focus while in the pursuit of making people happy, you’re able to use the best vehicle to deliver the happiness goal with fitness as the tool.

Listen in as Rick and Matt talk about delivering happiness through fitness by ignoring their own personal biases with programming for clients.

Key Takeaways

  • You have to disassociate your likes and dislikes from the needs of your client (02:31)
  • Fitness is a mechanism to deliver happiness (04:35)
  • Why are you in the fitness business? (07:19)
  • Our goals should be to make as many people happy as we can (10:15)
  • The key to being a great coach and a great gym owner (11:04)
  • The approach to having a successful fitness business (13:02)

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