Trent Joynt, Rochester Michigan Franchisee, and his family were among the pioneering franchisees of Alloy Personal Training. Their early adoption and dedication to Alloy have set them apart, allowing them to thrive as a franchisee. They have had remarkable success in their business in Rochester, Michigan following the Alloy business model. As they prepare to open a second location, Trent took time to reflect on his journey and the philosophy that has driven their success. Trent’s story is a testament to the power of Alloy, great people, and focusing on the basics and nurturing client relationships.

Trent’s Foundation in Small Group Training

Trent’s background in small group personal training provided a solid foundation for his journey with Alloy. Though he had never run a gym before, his experience as a head trainer allowed him to understand the operations from the inside out. “I’ve been involved with the operations as a head trainer but never with the sales side of things,” Trent admits. His transition into ownership required a different skill set, but his dedication to the fundamentals made the shift smoother.

Keys To Thrive As A Franchisee

Focus on Client Goals

Trent’s approach to training goes beyond flashy exercises and trends. Instead, he zeroes in on what his clients truly want to achieve. “It was more about looking at the clients and asking them about their goals, ‘What do you want out of this? Do you want to lose weight? You want to build muscle?’” he explains. This client-centric approach has been a cornerstone of his success, allowing him to tailor the programs to align with each individual’s goals.

Build a Supportive Community

One of the keys to Trent’s success has been his focus on building a supportive community within his gym. From the moment clients walk through the door, Trent and his team guide them. “Teaching people how to be a client at the gym is a big deal,” Trent emphasizes. This means working with the flexibility of their schedules, how to fit in workouts and activities, encouraging them not to feel bad about missed workouts, and ensuring they know how to reschedule. This level of support helps clients feel comfortable and motivated to continue their fitness journey.

Overcome Preconceived Personal Training Notions

Many of Trent’s clients come with preconceived notions from previous fitness experiences, such as Fit Boot Camps or Orangetheory. Educating them on the Alloy way has been crucial. “We weren’t great at that at the start,” Trent recalls. By focusing on technique, slowing down, and gradually building strength, Trent has helped clients understand the value of the Alloy approach. Alloy’s methodical process has set his gym apart and delivered exceptional results.

The Power Of Transformative Client Success Stories

Trent proudly shares stories of clients who have achieved remarkable transformations under his guidance. Eric, a client who had never engaged in strength training, lost 40 pounds in four months. “He talks about slowing down, getting really good at what you’re doing first, and then building on technique,” Trent says. Another client, Tim, started at 240 pounds with a goal to reach 220. By committing to a consistent routine, he surpassed his goal, eventually dropping to 185 pounds.

Expansion Using Alloy Systems

With the success of his first location, Trent decided to open a second gym. “We picked a good location, and it went really well. The question was, ‘Why not a second one?’” he explains. Trent’s confidence in Alloy’s systems and support has been pivotal in his decision to expand. He highlights the importance of mastering the basics and Alloy’s comprehensive support in programming, customer experience, and community-building events. “Alloy has great systems behind member events, challenges, and keeping the gym fun,” he notes.

The Role of Alloy’s Philosophy On Business Success

Trent’s alignment with Alloy’s philosophy has been a driving force in his success. With a kinesiology degree from Michigan State and a background that included an internship at a gym using Alloy’s principles, Trent was well-prepared to adopt and champion Alloy’s approach. 

“Good training is often simple, and good training done well gets people results,”

~ Trent Joynt, Alloy Personal Training, Rochester, MI ~

This simplicity and focus on fundamentals resonate deeply with Trent and have been the backbone of his thriving business.

Looking Ahead To Growth And Scale 

As Trent looks to the future, he is cautiously optimistic about further expansion. While he acknowledges the complexities that come with managing multiple locations, he remains focused on maintaining the quality and community that have defined his success. 

For anyone considering joining the Alloy franchise family, Trent says that Alloy is the best fitness franchise you could possibly get because it has so many things figured out. 

 “Whether you’re a fitness professional or new to the industry, Alloy’s robust systems and unwavering focus on results provide a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success.” ~

Trent Joynt, Alloy Personal Training, Rochester, MI ~

Trent’s journey with Alloy is a powerful reminder that simplicity, client focus, and strong community support are the keys to thriving in the fitness industry. As he opens his second location, his commitment to these principles will undoubtedly continue to drive his success.

This article captures Trent’s insights and experiences as an Alloy franchisee, emphasizing the importance of client focus, simplicity, and community in achieving success.

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