How does entrepreneurship make you happy? In this podcast, Matt and Rick discuss entrepreneurial life and the keys to happiness!. 

When getting into entrepreneurship, many people expect happiness or self-fulfillment from running a business, but do they ever find happiness or feel fulfilled? It depends…

As we have observed in other episodes, entrepreneurship is a self-development journey disguised as a business. To experience growth in your business, level-up your life. The process of self-development is difficult. It’s a painful and uncomfortable process to change, but it’s necessary. Embracing this struggle is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment in entrepreneurship.

We have our own self-development journey occurring at each stage of the Alloy Franchise growth. From business inception to our growth to 50 locations, we will experience different needs when we reach 100 and 500 locations. Every stage is a personal growth process, and it is necessary to go through trials and tribulations to reach your goals and a happy entrepreneurial life.

We talked about Kantor’s Law in an earlier podcast, where you are really excited at the beginning of owning your own business, but it is really hard in between until you reach your end goal. It’s just the nature of doing business and growing. Entrepreneurship can make you happy, but you have to set your expectations for the good and bad times in your growth trajectory.

There are two businesses we are involved in. There’s the fitness business, helping other people realize their entrepreneurial dreams. For Rick, he enjoys helping people become entrepreneurs and realize growth, pain, success are all part of owning a business.

Matt talked about his own personal growth over the years: “I’m a different person now than when I started personal training. Now, opening, moving and running a franchise is exciting. New challenges don’t scare me like they used to as we go through the franchise growth process.”

You must continue to learn and up-skill at each phase of your business. Everybody on the team has to do it. At Alloy, we’re reaching a stage where we want to hire people that have franchise experience. Someone’s got to come to the table with eight to 10 years’ franchise experience. 

Happiness shouldn’t be the end goal. What do people really mean when they say they want to be happy? If you listen to the Science of Happiness, an Andrew Huberman podcast, he said our brain is wired to accept challenges. If something is hard to overcome, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever, and you work hard to overcome it, it rewires how your brain works. Once you achieve the goal, the only way to continue that journey is to move the goalposts further out. So he said you should be involved in some type of personal growth or challenge where you constantly work to overcome obstacles in your life. That is the key to happiness.

When we look at the brain science of entrepreneurship, you rewire your brain every time you overcome a challenge. By embracing the struggle of entrepreneurship and overcoming the challenges, you reach happiness. You become a different person in the process by building life skills and emotional resiliency. You can see how entrepreneurship is a self-development journey disguised as a business. 

One piece of advice to help make you happy is to separate the things that are in your control from the things that are outside of your control.

Check out the article on Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs:

  • ???? Character
  • ???? Skillset
  • ???? Belief system

Tune in to learn more about the entrepreneurial life journey and what to expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurship is a self-development journey (03:24)
  • How Rick’s and Matt’s journeys have evolved (06:33)
  • Happiness is an empty end goal (09:40)
  • Chasing happiness vs. finding purpose (10:29)
  • Control what you can and don’t worry about the rest (15:05)
  • When you do your best, you feel happier (16:44)
  • The hardest things will make you happiest (17:49)

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