Have you ever thought about owning a fitness business?  Check out this information the life of a franchise owner in the fitness business.  Each year, thousands of people find themselves discontented with the grind of their daily lives. They’re sick of working a 9 to 5 job that makes someone else rich, and  putting their heart and soul into a job that builds an empire for some other family. 

As a result, many employees and contractors step back and decide to open their own business.  Others choose to step into the role of a fitness franchise owner. For those entrepreneurial spirits, life changes drastically.

What does the life of a franchise owner actually look like in the fitness industry? When you become a fitness facility owner, what happens to your daily schedule? What can you expect from the lifestyle? We’re going to break it down in this blog. Let’s dive in.

The Fitness Franchise Lifestyle

When you become a gym owner, your job and lifestyle blend in a way they seldom do in other industries. For most people, working a 9-5 means fashioning two different existences: the office version and the home version. When you run a gym, though, there is only one version. 

To be successful, gym owners have to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to the fitness lifestyle. This means there’s no suit and tie in the morning, no elaborate commute, and no all-day meetings. Instead, the daily grind focuses on comfort, health (both mental and physical), and movement.

The Morning Routine in the Life of a Franchise Owner

Skip the suit or skirt set. The morning routine in the life of a franchise owner will involve dressing in your favorite athletic wear and sneakers. Your office no longer requires you to put on a costume – you just show up as you are and give it your best.

Gym owners work and work out in the same environment, which means the lines of professionalism and leadership change. Here, your co-workers are going to see you sweat, and becoming a great leader means investing in yourself and others and refusing to give up.

A More Flexible Schedule

What so many people chafe against in the standard 9-5 is the lack of flexibility. You have to get permission from the entire chain of command if you want to take a day off to see your child’s school play, or if you want to take your family out of town. It’s stressful and frustrating, and it can lead to a lack of ownership in other areas of your life. 

As a gym owner, though, this is not something you have to worry about. In addition to the fact that you are now the boss, the entire landscape of a fitness franchise owners life stresses ownership – ownership of your time, your effort, and your body. This means that, while you’re responsible for your team, you have much more flexibility in your workday.

Once you’ve staffed your gym with skilled instructors and trainers, you’ll quickly find your groove and fall into a comfortable work-life balance. Be an owner that doubles as a trainer, or construct a schedule that allows you to spend time with your family and friends. Since your schedule is appointment-based, you’ll have much more freedom throughout the week.

Afternoons in the Life of a Franchise Owner

In addition to the fact that you’re no longer dressing up in your Sunday best to go to work, your days “in the office” will look a lot different. While being a fitness franchise owner doesn’t require you to have previous fitness industry experience, people are usually drawn to this industry because they like the idea of working out and working in the same place.

If you find yourself in this bucket, you’ll notice that your days are suddenly much less stressful. Instead of spending all day at a desk, your day is broken up between meetings with team members and investors and fitness classes. This means you get to move your body, get a good sweat, and focus on what really matters: health, wellness, and balance in all aspects of life.

Movement and Money

Last but not least, the life of a fitness franchise owner promises good returns on investment. Here’s what IBIS World has to say about the growth prospects of the fitness industry:

According to the International Health, Racquet, & Sportsclub Association, the number of health club memberships in the United States grew to 71.5 million in 2018 (latest data available), which contributed to growth in industry revenue through most of the five-year period. 

The Gym and Fitness Franchises industry is projected to grow due to a burgeoning active population that is expected to lead an increasingly healthy lifestyle. In particular, franchises that appeal to time-strapped consumers with convenient establishments, around-the-clock services, and up-to-date fitness technology are anticipated to fare well over the next five years. For example, operators that offer services such as meal planning, goal tracking, online personal training, and user forums are expected to generate a large customer base.

With a current market size of about $4 billion and approximately 9,500 businesses in operation, it’s clear that there’s plenty of demand and opportunity for fitness franchises today. All you need to do is find your spot in the fitness industry landscape and put down roots. 

Secure a Better Future for Yourself and Your Family

If you’ve always dreamed of doing something different, now is the time. While the world experienced widespread upheaval during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness franchise industry has remained surprisingly stable, and experts predict ongoing growth over the next several years. 

Here at Alloy Personal Training, we offer comprehensive fitness franchise options for motivated entrepreneurs. No fitness experience is required, and our proven business model promises to give you the foundation you need to craft a lifestyle you love.

Ready to learn more? Contact our team today to find out about our franchise opportunities and how we provide the tools to be successful. Request our free information packet on how to become a franchise owner and start your own Alloy Personal Training facility. 

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