Do you know what the most important question fitness entrepreneurs should ask about how to run the business?  It is the word “Who?‘ and not “How?‘ Entrepreneurs are by their nature problem solvers; that’s why they get into entrepreneurship to help people by providing a solution to their problems. However, in your own business, the first instinct shouldn’t be How to do something, but Who can do for you.

Rick just read the book Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.  The book suggests focusing on “Who can do this for me?” instead of “How can I do this?”  Rick describes a story in the book about a business owner initially trying to sell his business himself.  This owner is spending a lot of time on the potential sale with only one potential buyer.  The deal eventually falls through after 18 months.  Then the owner takes another year to recover from all the time he lost on the sale by trying to do it himself.  A couple of years later, the same owner hires an investment broker to help with the sale.  The broker brings in many potential buyers and after only 6 months sold the business for many times more than the owner would have received in the initial process.

The question you should ask as a business owner is primarily what tasks are you good at doing and what are you not good at doing. Basically, this means as a leader growing your company, only do the things that are in your wheelhouse – that only you can do, and everything else you should essentially delegate. When you delegate, you need a Who to accomplish that task. First you accept that it’s okay to hire someone, then you want to lay out a really clear plan of attack with objectives and a budget. Then go find that Who that typically is better at that function than you are because It’s in their wheelhouse and they love it.  Essentially, you will accomplish things that you could never do on your own.  Of course you will need to lead them and hold them accountable, but you don’t want to micromanage them. That’s the worst thing to do if you hire someone is to hover over them and tell them how to do their job. Hire the right Who and give them clear objectives, then let them get to work and do their job.  Get out of their way and work on the things that are in your wheelhouse.

As an entrepreneur and a leader, your time is the most valuable asset to the entire business. It wouldn’t be wise to spend it doing mundane tasks that you could easily delegate, which is essentially finding a “Who.”  Ultimately, the most important question fitness entrepreneurs should ask themselves are “Who can do the work” rather than “How to do work” which allows you to focus just on those tasks that only you can do and you can’t hire someone to do.

For a gym owner, the most important task that you should do is finding leads for the business.  If you hire someone in your gym to do sales manager, it’s your job as the business owner to get out to grow the business and produce leads.  It your sales manager’s job to close those leads and work on retention. Now there is accountability for both the owner and the sales manager. This forces you as an owner to do only relevant and meaningful work, because you hired the person to do their job.  In retrospect, they need you to be doing your job too which forces you both to be accountable.

For coaches or fitness professional that want to own their own fitness business and think they have to learn how to do all the parts of the business themselves, the Alloy Fitness Franchise model is the perfect solution.  Alloy is the “Who” that provides the leadership, guidance, and accountability for someone that wants to invest in a fitness business and have a successful return on their investment.

Tune in to hear Rick and Matt discuss why entrepreneurs need to ask Who rather than How. You’ll also learn why building this simple but highly effective habit will massively transform your business!

Key Takeaways

  • The most important question you’ll face as an entrepreneur (00:36)
  • You should only do what only you can do (05:18)
  • Why finding your Who will make the How happen (05:58)
  • Being growth-minded rather than cost-minded (08:11)
  • People who work in your business are an investment, not a cost (09:34)
  • How a franchise is a Who that gives you a head start (10:10)
  • You don’t need to know How; you need to know Who (16:55)
  • Reducing decision fatigue as a leader (20:47)

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