There are many challenges to owning a personal training business that requires true grit, determination, and risk-taking to become successful.  Join us as we share a success story of how Rami Odeh went from personal trainer to owning a personal training business.  The podcast describes his ups and downs in the fitness business.  In the last part, he describes how he ended up turning around his business with the Alloy Personal Training business model and how it contributed to selling his business to an employee.

Episode Summary

This episode is about our guest, Rami Odeh, initally a personal trainer who grew into owning a personal training business.  Rami tells us about his journey of early success, near failure, comeback by utilizing the Alloy system, and ending with the successful sale of his training gym. To draw inspiration from his riches to rags to riches story, stay tuned. – – -> Learn more at Alloy. 

Key Takeaways

In this episode, our guest, Rami Odeh, tells us about his journey of early success, near failure and a return to success with the sale of his training gym. 

Rami started like a lot of people, in corporate America.  He then went back to graduate school to chase his personal training dream.

After graduating, he got a fresh start as a personal trainer and loved it for the instant impact it had on lives. This led him to owning a personal training business and propel a much larger number of people to the heights of success.

It wasn’t sunshine and roses forever though.

He moved the gym to a new building that he bought, ran into debt, and almost lost all that he worked so hard for. This eventually led him to overhaul his business model with the Alloy personal training system and once again taste success again.

He’s seen and done it all. 

Stay tuned to know what and who helped him, apart from his grit, to see him through tough times.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rami’s sports and corporate background (1:47)
  • The one corporate meeting that inspired him to go back to graduate school (2:31)
  • Did an internship in a gym; loved seeing an instant impact for what he did (4:51)
  • Worked in large gyms; the graduate degree in exercise science was an asset (7:04)
  • His foray into in-home training; did it for about two years (8:27)
  • Finding a location for owning a personal training business (9:48)
  • Took up a part-time job at a hospital, thinking it would help him market his gym (11:18)
  • The first eight years, the business grew 30% a year; they were doing $1 million (13:42)
  • Moved the gym to a bigger place; great revenue, not great margins (14:50)
  • Got real close to walking away from it all (21:07)
  • Had a third party personal training company coming into his gym (21:40)
  • Looking at short-selling the building (25:21)
  • Went about learning from the near failure ; revamped everything (27:56)
  • Grew year over year and went into profits again (30:01)
  • Community support and a spiritual anchor really helped him (33:25)
  • Sold the business and kept the building (39:38)
  • Living a life of gratitude (42:32)
  • He’s authored books and has moved into talking about spirituality and exercise (45:26)Be sure to follow us on YouTube Alloy Personal TrainingDownload: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

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