Matt and Rick dive into the 3 most common questions about how to structure small group personal training programs. In this Alloy Personal Training business podcast we will share insights about how to structure your small group personal training programs, how to make more money, how to help more people, and how to be a better leader for your business in your community. If you are thinking about transitioning to small group personal training or are considering investing in an Alloy Franchise, this episode is for you!

3 Questions for Small Group Personal Training 

1. Should you have individualized client programs in a small group personal training?

The first question that many people transitioning to small group training have is whether to do individualized training. Rick describe that having an individual program design for each client while coaching a small group of clients makes it tough to coach. The coach cannot deliver a great customer experience while coaching four or six clients with separate individualized training programs. 

With the Alloy Franchise model we run the same workout for the whole gym on particular days,  but with variations to account for injuries, preferences, and other factors that come up when dealing with a group of people. However, the coach is still following the same template, thereby delivering a more pleasant customer experience while accommodating client differences. Don’t sweat on individualized program designs in a small group personal training program.

2. Should you group clients based on their level of fitness?

There is an art to coaching different levels of fitness in the same group session. At Alloy it is based on keeping the programming simple so the coach can really work on that the art of coaching. Now it shouldn’t be about the actual exercises. It’s more just moving them around getting that this community getting clients of different levels of fitness talking to each other. 

3.  Should you track load and progress for clients in small group training?

The simple answer is no, and it goes back to question number one – because we’re not doing individual program design. We are walking that that tightrope between science, programming and entertainment to deliver a exceptional client experience. 

Listen to the podcast to hear more detail about these small group personal training questions and the myths behind the small group experience.  

Key Takeaways

  • Should you do individualized training in small group personal training? (02:41)
  • Running the same workout but with variations to account for preferences (08:40)
  • Avoid having a lot of things in the same workout that need a lot of coaching (13:15)
  • Are clients in small group training grouped according to their level of fitness? (15:29)
  • Should you track load and progress for clients in small group training (20:58)
  • Why you need to create the perception of variety in your workouts (23:48)

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