Staffing Guidance for the Small Group Personal Training Fitness Business Model
Episode Summary

Matt and Rick provide staffing guidance on how to create the optimal team structure and define the roles for each member in a small group personal training fitness business model.

With the COVID environment, many fitness facilities, gyms and clients are discovering large group training is not the ideal fitness business model. If you are looking to transition to a small group personal training business model or are looking to get into the fitness business, listen to this episode for guidance on how to structure staffing and define roles in a small group personal training model looks like from the lens of an Alloy Personal Training Franchise. The Alloy franchise model has perfected the team structure to be the most efficient, most cost-effective solution for business, but also for the clients to receive the best small group personal training experience.

The Director of Training is the most impactful position for a small group personal training fitness model. The responsibilities for this position are tied to the business metrics which include driving revenue, closing sales, asking for referrals, driving retention, running accountability sessions, and managing the team. They understand all the metrics of the business in addition to laying out the roadmap for clients from where they are and where they are going.

The front desk position, which we call the Director of Customer Experience, is another very important position in this model. They are the face of the gym and the first person clients interact with when they walk in. They are responsible for taking calls from leads. This person must be energetic, upbeat, wear a smile all day, and be customer-centric in all that they do.

Coaches are the other position in this model. With about 300 clients, you need three full-time coaches and one part-time coach. They will comfortably cover all the shifts and service all the clients.

Tune in to this episode to learn guideline to creating the optimal staffing structure and align responsibilities with metrics to achieve the business goals for the small group personal training business.

Key Takeaways
  • Why small group personal training model is the way to go for the fitness business (01:59)
  • The role and responsibilities of Director of Training in the small group personal training model (03:37)
  • Why the Director of Training is more than sales (07:42)?
  • The roles of the Director of Customer Experience (15:09)
  • Number of coaches needed for a small group personal training model (21:03)
  • Coaches need to be good with people first, second they can learn technique and programming (24:50)
  • Communication between the Director of Training, Coaches and the Director of Customer Experience (27:07)
  • The relentless pursuit of doing the small things well over time makes this model work (32:06)

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