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In this episode, we discuss the rules and tools of Alloy programming for active aging clients.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss the rules and tools of Alloy programming for active aging clients.

We discuss what are some rules that Alloy believes in or that we adhere to when we were framing out programs for adults.

Also we discuss how the dynamic warm-up, overhead squat, and functional movement screen fit into the scheme of things.

We talk about how important it is to have a balanced approach when it comes to workout – Nobody moves differently from one another. We may have deficiencies, we may have issues that we have to work around, but we all push, we all need to pull, we all need dominant movement. 

And we all need to do hip down movements, and there’s vertical pushing and pulling mixed in there. In a total body approach, if we hit all those every single time, you’re going to get much better results, you’re going to get a consistent workout.

Stay tuned for more.

Key Points of Discussion:
  • Activating people with limited time – The first thing is total body training (3:19)
  • Starting out with a dynamic warm-up when somebody comes in (5:07)
  • In a sitting-oriented society, where should most of the exercises happen? (9:32)
  • In a total body approach, you’re going to get a consistent workout… (10:22)
  • Putting exercises into different blocks for varying levels of clients (11:00)
  • Where do the folks that are a little bit beat-up go? (13:24)
  • Alloy’s core philosophies; programming at different levels (18:00)
  • Six core movements for each workout (27:17)
  • The metabolic finish (27:49)
  • About some of the bootcamp type of businesses – One workout fits all (33:14)
  • A coach should look at it through the lens of the client, not themselves (35:00)
  • Plugging and playing into patterns (36:12)
  • Of suspension trainers and kettlebells… (41:19)
  • Come up with your rules; figure out which tools are going to work (45:40)

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