Alloy Personal Training is excited to share the reasons Mike Arce is adding Alloy to his investment portfolio. Mike Arce is a highly respected fitness industry coach and consultant. Through his company, Loud Rumor, Mike and his team offer fitness industry consulting and fitness studio marketing solutions with his team of high-level gym operators and trusted industry partners.


Reasons To Add Alloy To Investment Portfolio

In the fast-paced world of fitness, success often comes down to finding the right formula for both business owners and their clients.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Mike’s interest in the Alloy Personal Training franchise. Mike and Rick shed light on the key points that make the Alloy franchise stand out in the competitive fitness industry.

1. Benefits Of The Unique Alloy Model

The foundation of the Alloy Personal Training franchise lies in its unique model. Unlike many traditional gyms, Alloy Personal Training focuses on providing personalized training programs tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. The Alloy model emphasizes functional training, combining strength and conditioning exercises to improve overall fitness and enhance daily activities. This approach has proven to yield exceptional results, attracting a loyal clientele base seeking effective and efficient workout solutions.

2. The Alloy Brand Promise

Every successful franchise is built on a strong brand promise that resonates with its target audience. Alloy Personal Training understands the aspirations and challenges of its clients, and its brand promise revolves around delivering sustainable fitness transformations. The brand’s commitment to fostering a supportive community and achieving tangible results sets it apart from conventional gyms, forging a bond of trust between the franchise and its members. Not only do clients practice the brand promise, but all Alloy investors and employees believe in and deliver the brand promise.

“Look Good, Feel Great, Live Life to The Fullest”

Alloy Brand Promise

3. The Reason For The High Alloy Retention Numbers

One of the key metrics indicating the success of any fitness franchise is client retention. Alloy Personal Training has consistently demonstrated impressive retention numbers. The reason behind this lies in the franchise’s unwavering dedication to its members. Unlike generic workout routines that often lead to boredom and plateaus, Alloy Personal Training keeps clients engaged with constantly evolving and challenging workouts. Additionally, the franchise’s focus on building meaningful connections between clients and trainers fosters a sense of accountability and motivation, making clients more likely to stay committed to their fitness journey.

4. Emphasis On Relationship-Based Customer Experiences

At the core of Alloy Personal Training’s success is its emphasis on relationship-based customer experiences. Alloy believes that establishing genuine connections with clients is instrumental in guiding them towards their fitness goals. Personal trainers at Alloy invest time in understanding their clients’ individual aspirations, limitations, and preferences. This personalized approach allows trainers to craft workout plans that keep clients motivated throughout their fitness journey.

5. Characteristics of Successful Franchisees

Mike’s interest in adding an Alloy Personal Training Franchise to his investment portfolio is also influenced by the characteristics that make a good franchisee. As an experienced fitness franchise coach, Mike knows that a successful franchisee must align with the brand’s vision, values, and mission. Alloy Personal Training seeks franchisees who are passionate about fitness, community-driven, and eager to make a positive impact on people’s lives. With Mike’s extensive experience in the fitness industry, he recognizes the potential for success in this business model with the right franchisee.

6. The Future of Alloy Personal Training

As Mike contemplates his investment decision, he looks towards the future of Alloy Personal Training. With a proven track record of success in a continually growing market, the franchise shows promise for further expansion and influence in the fitness industry. As health and wellness become increasingly significant in people’s lives, Alloy Personal Training’s dedication to delivering tangible results and fostering a supportive community positions it favorably for continued growth and success.

7. Simple Works When Done Right

Amidst the complexity of the fitness industry, Alloy Personal Training stands out by keeping its approach refreshingly simple. By focusing on personalized training, relationship-building, and results-driven workouts, the franchise avoids overwhelming clients with unnecessary complexities. This simplicity, however, is executed with precision and expertise, making it highly effective and appealing to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Why Alloy Franchise

They perfected Alloy’s fitness franchise concept in over 2,500 fitness clubs all over the world, initially through licensing. In 2019, the Alloy Personal Training Franchise became a reality and has over 100 franchise locations in under 3 years. 

The concept provides the sociability of group and specificity of personal training, but at a lower cost to the client. Specifically, we provide our franchisees and employees with an effective fitness concept to leverage the growth of what’s known as the “active aging” demographic – or people over 50. Given that there are currently about 78 million Baby Boomers in America, one person turns 65 every ten seconds, and 35% of them exercise, this is a critically important demographic. 

For franchisors, the benefits include a higher ROI per square foot, higher client retention rates, and even a effective pre-sale programs opening with a full clientele of 130 members. We use technology to inform our practices and drive actual results for our community, business owners, and clients. 

How to Get Started With Alloy

Since starting Loud Rumor, Mike and his team have worked with over 2,600 gyms and fitness studios within 56 franchises in 10 countries. Mike certainly knows what makes fitness clubs work.

As Mike contemplates his next move in the fitness industry, the Alloy Personal Training franchise captures his attention for all the right reasons. Its unique model, commitment to customer satisfaction, and promising future make it a highly appealing investment opportunity.

The franchise’s success lies in its simplicity, emphasizing the power of personalized training, relationship-building, and tangible results. With Mike’s expertise in the fitness franchising world, adding an Alloy Personal Training Franchise to his investment portfolio could be the strategic step that takes his ventures to new heights.

 Listen in as Rick and Mike discuss why to add Alloy to your investment portfolio.

Take your passion for coaching and business and turn it into a career. There’s no better time than now. 

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Podcast Episode 195-  Key Takeaways

  • The Alloy model explained (00:30)
  • Alloy brand promise (06:08)
  • The reason for the good Alloy retention numbers (15:49)
  • Relationship-based customer experiences (22:39)
  • What makes a good franchisee (33:02)
  • The future of Alloy Personal Training (37:55)
  • Simple works when done right (39:03)

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