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In this episode, Rick sits down with Alloy’s own Natalie Logan, L.D., R.D. to discuss whether weight training or cardio is best for fat loss.

Most of our clients who come to our gym have a secondary goal of fat loss especially the ladies. It is our duty as fitness professionals to figure out how they can achieve their goals. There is the misconception that some people think that for fat loss you have to do cardio. They have been led to believe that the intensity of cardio burns calories and helps lose fats. 

However, strength training is how to lose fat. In as much as cardio may be more enjoyable and appealing to a lot of people, it is not as effective in fat loss as strength training. Natalie takes us through why this is the case and shares her experience coming from running seven days a week to strength training four days a week and slowing down on the cardio. 

To achieve better results sooner, Natalie advises women that they should cut back on the running, biking, and cardio and do more strength training. This way, you’ll feel better, your hormones will be happier, you’ll have less inflammation and you’ll sleep better. This is how you create the right environment for fat loss and getting leaner.

Some women have the fear that strength training will get them big. This is not true. You become lean and achieve your fat loss goals sooner. It will also make you feel better physically and mentally.

Listen in to this episode and learn some other interesting facts about strength training and fat loss.

Key Takeaways
  • Why you’ll achieve better results through strength training (03:41)
  • Cutting back on cardio despite enjoying it for the bigger goal of leanness (05:44)
  • Why strength training won’t make women get big but will make them lean (09:37)
  • Doing more will not result in more results and may reverse your gains (12:24)
  • What is strength training and how to go about it safely (14:50)
  • How over-exercising messes up your hormones and works against you (20:10)
  • Creating the right environment for fat loss through strength training, sleep, and nutrition (21:46)

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