The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and sports fans everywhere are looking forward to the big game. As it turns out, the Super Bowl has lots to offer, not just for football fans. If you run a franchise, the Super Bowl and the teams playing in it may present a few great business lessons.

Here are a few things we think all franchisees can learn from history’s greatest Super Bowl teams:

Lessons Franchises Can Learn From Great Super Bowl Teams

1. Great Training Delivers Excellent Results

The teams playing in the Super Bowl didn’t just get there. Instead, they worked hard, trained endlessly, and learned from their mistakes. There’s no “perfect” in football or business, but it’s clear that practice is a critical part of success.

That’s as true for franchise owners as it is for football teams. The more you invest in training, practice, and preparation, the more successful your business will ultimately be. At Alloy, we help prepare franchises to be competitive in the real world with industry-leading training and support.

2. Consider The Partners You Choose

The old saying goes, “if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get fleas.” Super Bowl teams are successful because they include hand-picked teammates that have spent a lot of time together training and playing. They know how to work together. That’s something franchise owners can learn and replicate the time invested in training to make them ready for game day.

As you build your business, you’ve got to carefully choose who you work with. Selecting the right franchise for you is the foundational step. Then, it pays to be picky about the employees, trainers, and partners you choose and carefully build a team that knows how to work flawlessly together. 

3. Work With A Goal In Mind

Super Bowl teams don’t just play games and wake up one morning, surprised to find themselves in the Super Bowl. Instead, they spend their whole careers striving to be the best in order to collect the ultimate prize with a Super Bowl win and a ring. The ultimate goal directs their efforts and determines the direction of each team’s practice and progress.

Franchise owners can learn a lot from that. When you work hard with a goal in mind then you have your direction, objectives, and  motive fall in place. That motive helps fuel your efforts, propel you to greatness, and encourages you to keep reaching, striving, and achieving.

4. Celebrate The Wins

Building a successful business is a long, tough road, just like creating a world-class football team. Even though you’ll wake up and hustle every day, it’s essential to pause along the way and celebrate the small and big wins. 

That new revenue milestone, those great new employees, the end of your first year in business, the day you start turning a profit – those are all major milestones to celebrate, and stopping to notice them will help you build a strong, winning business that stands the test of time. 

5. Focus On Outstanding Leadership

Great leadership is critical for a successful franchise or a team that wants to make it to the Super Bowl. Football teams only make it to the Super Bowl if they have fantastic leaders. Similarly, franchises only succeed when they have a strong leadership team to follow.

Here at Alloy, we’ve made our name by providing world-class leadership and marketing support for each new franchisee we onboard. When you work with us, you’re part of a team that knows we go further together. 

You’ll never find yourself alone, facing the challenges of small business ownership. Instead, you’ll move forward with a team of dedicated leaders, cheerleaders, and advocates behind you – pushing for your success. 

6. Learn From Losses

Every team that’s ever played in the Super Bowl has suffered devastating losses. Instead of allowing those losses to define them, those teams have learned from them and kept going. That’s an essential lesson for franchise owners, too. 

You will suffer losses along the way, and you’ll need to decide how to respond to them. Business is full of turns and sharp corners, and learning to navigate them is one secret of successful business ownership. 

When something goes wrong, you can’t wallow in it. Instead, you’ve got to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again until you get it right. 

7. Enjoy The Journey

Every great football star who has ever played in the Super Bowl and retired with acclaim will reflect on his career and say they enjoyed the journey. You can only do this when you take the entire experience and see how it comes together to form a cohesive picture. 

As you build your business, remember to enjoy the journey. There will be great days, and there will be hard days. However, the important thing is to enjoy each day and take what it offers, translating the lessons, achievements, and difficulties into action that you can use to grow your business tomorrow.

It’s Winning Season for Franchise Owners

As we all settle in to watch the Super Bowl unfold, it’s important to remember what these two teams can teach us, no matter which side you’re cheering to win!

The Super Bowl and every major sporting event demonstrates incredible force, skill, and determination. When you take the lessons these Super Bowl teams offer and apply them to your franchise operations, you can learn to scale, adapt, and remain fluid – no matter what comes your way.

Here at Alloy Personal Training, we’ve built a business offering a world-class franchise model to dedicated franchise owners worldwide. You’ll get the support, advocacy, and training you need to succeed. Contact us today or request your free information packet now

Article by: Rick Mayo 

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