In this episode, Rick and Matt discuss why customer reviews and testimonials are critical to your business. Providing customer success stories not only helps a potential client’s decision-making process, but increases your own team’s confidence in your product to deliver results.

Before customers decide to buy your product or service, they want to find out what other people are saying about your business. Over 91% of potential customers look for a business’s customer reviews and testimonials before making a purchase.

Customer reviews are very important when selling personal training memberships because they validate your product works and others have experienced the results.

Why Build Customer Reviews and Testimonials For Personal Training?

  • ???? Social Proof
  • ???? Customer Validation
  • ???? Team Validation

1. Social Proof

Social proof is important in the fitness industry because it provides a compelling visual story about the results of healthy lifestyle changes, weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. Weight loss, nutrition and fitness related services use before and after stories and photos for motivation and to provide visual proof of goal attainment and success.

“The Alloy brand promise is looking good, feeling great, and live life to the fullest. Our clients provide the social proof with their testimonials of their success. “

– Rick Mayo –

The Alloy brand promise to our consumer is looking good, feeling great, and living life to the fullest. The social proof shows they achieved their goals and looking good is one reason they come to us. Then it becomes about feeling great, which is all about moving better. Ultimately, the client journey achieves living life to the fullest. It becomes more about what fitness allows them to do outside the gym, like hiking, keeping up with kids, golfing, pickle ball, and more. It all begins with the Alloy starting point session, where we do a good job of getting down to really what they want. ,

After 30 years in business, we have thousands of Alloy customer reviews and testimonials, and we include a success wall as a design feature in all of our personal training franchises. We have about a dozen customer success stories we use that represent the usual goal sets of most of our clients. As we welcome and show a prospect around our franchise studio, we can talk about the goals and pain points most of our client have that might be like theirs. For example, when we talk to a potential customer with back pain, we can show how other clients with back pain got better. It’s someone else’s story, featured in a visual or video format. 

As a franchise, we provide the templates and how to have the conversations around the customer success stories. We have the initial testimonials you can use, then replace them with your own stories after you open. The success wall will hold 36 customer testimonials and stories.

2. Customer Validation

– it is important to get validation from you customers while they’re using your product. We constantly follow-up with our clients to check on their progress as well as to help them show improvement. It is important to stay consistent and provide that accountability and motivation in the client journey. We help our customers stay focused and not to get lost in their journey and fall off the “hamster wheel”. 

3. Team Validations

Besides the customer perspective, testimonials are even more important for your team. It gives them the conviction to back up the sales process and provide real-life stories to speak to the client. Your sales team can feel confident and empowered to know they are contributing to a life-changing service and have the results to show. This builds passion, which is great for the business, as they can continue working hard and convince the customers to stick to the process.

It is important to reinforce your team to fully believe in the service or product. Their validation creates passion and conviction. It also translates into trust. Our personal training coaches experience the workouts firsthand and play a huge part in creating the success stories. They create and track personalized programs, hold clients accountable, and work with them on fitness and health outside the gym as well.

The difference between a personal trainer and going to a class-based fitness concept is personal training coaches help you one-on-one with your personalized fitness prescription with specific goals, injury prevention and recovery, and holding you accountable. It is important as a brand to have every coach, operator and owner fully believe in what they do. When we run team meetings, we give the framework to share customer reviews and stories. It is important for all the coaches to share their client success stories and for every single person on the team to hear them.

“What we do matters. We are changing lives. It is important. Everyone wants to be a part of that journey. It helps everyone to gain conviction.”

Customer Success Stories Results In Sales

Sharing the social proof is powerful, and it will really help ultimately with your sales.

If the person selling is passionate about helping people, it manifests as people want to be a part of it and use your personal training service. Social proof builds trust with passion and conviction.

Alloy has a four-step framework for a sales algorithm. We lead you through a tactical question response framework, like if they ask this, we give this answer; or if they say that we have a different path. The framework is there for one reason: to make the customer be successful.

Here at Alloy, we include testimonials in the studio design to help new customers have trust in our product. Listen to this episode for tips on how to build and consistently use success stories in your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why success stories are important (02:32)
  • Building social proof (05:13)
  • Validation for customers (09:19)
  • Validation for your team (10:31)
  • How success stories build passion (17:25)
  • Increasing the conviction of your team (20:20)
  • Getting your WHY big enough (23:15)

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