Suzanne Robb, COO of Alloy Personal Training Franchise, shares why employee training is important. f you asked the owners of five different franchise operations what creates franchise success, you’d probably get five different answers. One thing virtually everyone agrees on, though, is the importance of employee training. 

No matter what a franchise does, how experienced its owner is, or how the franchisee financed the investment, employee training is an absolutely critical part of creating (and maintaining) a successful franchise.

In this post, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of employee training, and why it’s so critically important to franchise operations everywhere.

Why Employee Training Matters

When you run a business, you’re only as strong as your weakest team members. This means that even a few irresponsible or poorly-trained team members can quickly ruin the environment for everyone else. That’s because your team is the single greatest asset you have. 

The strength of your team plays a massive role in determining how quickly your franchise grows. 

It determines how quickly you recoup your initial investment and start turning a profit, and how competitive you remain in your industry. It also impacts how attractive your company looks to customers and would-be employees, and how rapidly you move through the stages of maturity and development every business faces. 

In fact, employee training may be the thing that sets your company apart from other businesses because of hiring the right highly-skilled applicants. 

According to a study conducted by Accel, younger workers report that the availability of outstanding training is their primary concern when they start the job search. Put simply: great training helps you snag top talent, stay competitive, and outpace your competitors at every turn. 

5 Benefits of Great Employee Training

Here are just a few of the ways excellent employee training helps your franchise grow and thrive:

1. Training allows you to build a base of the best employees

As we just discussed, highly qualified applicants want to work jobs that take them seriously. They’re looking for in-depth training opportunities, and partnerships with companies that want to invest in them. When you offer this as a franchise operation, you’ll quickly find that you’re attracting and hiring better employees

2. Training boosts employee retention

Good training provides some space for lateral movement among your employees. Put another way, employees that are participating in training are always learning new skills and identifying more productive ways to do their jobs. 

This means they’re more invested in the company they’re working for, and more likely to stay on the team longer than a less-invested employee. 

3. Well-trained employees become brand evangelists

Well-trained employees have invested in the companies they work for. They tend also to believe deeply in the companies they work for. For you, the franchise owner, this is great news. 

While some franchise owners spend thousands on ineffective marketing campaigns, good employee training creates a built-in source of word-of-mouth advertising. Employees who believe in the company they work for are happy to sing its praises to friends, family, and associates.  The result is free, reputable advertising for you and your business.

4. Lower overhead costs for you

While investing in employee training involves some upfront costs, it can also reduce your expenses down the road. 

By slashing employee turnover rates and promoting brand evangelism, good employee training programs reduce overhead in the form of hiring costs, lost customers, and organizational downtime. 

To put it another way, when you invest in great employee training, you invest in creating a company that functions well at every turn. 

5. A better corporate culture

Employees who are well-trained and invested in a company are more engaged, committed, and involved than their less-trained peers. This improves your company’s internal culture, makes it a more attractive place to work, and helps promote morale for everyone inside the business. 

Which Types of Employee Training Should You Offer?

While literally any training is better than none, there are six specific forms of training that will work wonders for the Alloy brand and employees. They are as follows:

  • Skills-based training. This type of training is common in business operations like franchises. It teaches people how to do their jobs better, and is designed for consistent delivery over time. 
  • Motivational success training. This training method relies on the creation of a forum which allows franchise owners and employees to connect, learn about cutting-edge solutions, and strengthen industry bonds. 
  • Systems training. Systems training focuses on teaching franchise owners and employees how to use franchise-specific systems, like computer software, training modules, and more.
  • Onboarding training. Typically the first type of training a franchise employee receives —onboarding training helps new employees learn about being part of the franchise team. It’s meant to soothe “first day” jitters, educate the employee about the structure and expectations of the franchise, and unveil franchise-specific marketing and conduct requirements. 
  • Marketing training. Marketing is a complex field, and marketing training seeks to demystify it. During these training courses, franchise employees learn about the latest and most effective marketing tools and approaches. They also learn how to apply them in the context of the franchise they work for.
  • Developmental training. Developmental training teaches franchise owners and employees how to attract new customers, manage other locations, and grow business operations from the ground up. 

Alloy Leads the Franchise World in Employee Training

Today, franchise owners everywhere understand the importance of employee training. To see an example of the pursuit in motion, though, look no further than Alloy Personal Training. Our team of franchise experts has been focusing on excellent employee training since day one, and we’re proud to lead the industry and stand out as an example of what excellent employee training can do. Also, check out another article by Suzanne on How To Hire The Best Employees

Article by:  Suzanne Robb

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