If you’ve ever imagined going into fitness entrepreneurship, you’ve probably thought of all the positives and negatives associated with owning your own business. Maybe you’ve imagined it to be exhausting, or exciting, or freeing, but have you envisioned how rewarding it could be? While we have firsthand experience in this area, that’s not all we’re relying on. In fact, study after study has found that people are just happier when they’re self-employed.

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Self-employment looks and sounds great from the outside, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be on the inside? The answer is yes! Here are some self-employment stats to support it:

  • 70% of self-employed people feel they have achieved work-life balance
  • 94% would never go back to working in a traditional job setting
  • 55% fell less stress than in their regular jobs
  • 54% say they are generally healthier than they were before they were self-employed

As you can see, people that took the leap to start their own ventures are generally pretty happy they did. What’s more, they feel healthier and more balanced than people who are still working away at a 9-5. While this is true in virtually any self-employment space, it’s particularly pronounced in the fitness entrepreneurship arena. Whether you’re a new fitness lover or you’ve been a gym rat all your life, here are a few reasons starting your own venture could feel so good:

4 Reasons Fitness Entrepreneurship is so Rewarding

1. Anyone Can Start a Business

Getting a great job used to mean spending nearly a decade in advanced programs, earning degree after degree. Today, however, that’s just not the case. In fact, in 2019, one survey found that only 56% of self-employed professionals had a college degree. Even better? Among small businesses started in the last two years, there’s no revenue difference when you compare those with and without college degrees. When the requirement for advanced degrees falls away, so does the barrier to entry. Literally anyone can start their dream business and make a successful life for themselves. All you have to do is want it and work hard.

2. Unlimited Possibilities

Right now, 83% of self-employed people say they chose their lifestyle and made their own destiny. These aren’t people who were fired or laid off from their other jobs – these are people who consciously chose to step out on their own. While that may seem scary to people who are used to the security and predictability of a regular job, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in that. In fact, some self-employed people love it so much that they go on to be serial entrepreneurs, running or starting more than one business at a time. Most serial entrepreneurs have run three companies throughout their careers. Finally, there’s a place for everyone in the world of entrepreneurship. Even if you’ve never run a fitness operation before, you’ll be heartened to know that that is not a prerequisite. In fact, 16% of self-employed individuals work in a completely new field or industry than they did when they were traditionally employed. That’s what’s so great about the world of entrepreneurship: it respects individuals willing to expand, transition, or pivot their skill sets. 

3. Less Stress

While 75% of people anticipated that they would work harder at their self-employment position than they did in their traditional one, only 60% of people report that’s actually the case.  Additionally, only 20% of people report being more lonely at work. While the demands of self-employment are undoubtedly unique, it goes without saying that things just feel different when they’re in your hands and your hands alone. The majority of self-employed people say they’re less stressed, enjoy more work-life balance, earn more, and are healthier than they were in their traditional jobs. 

4. Freedom of Choice

Finally, self-employment, especially in the fitness entrepreneurship space, offers a tremendous amount of freedom it would be impossible to access in a traditional job. In fact, 22% of people considering self-employment say they’d do it for control, while 22% say they’d do it for fulfillment. 65% of self-employed professionals say they love the freedom to choose when to work, while 44% value the freedom of choice to work on the projects or clients they prefer. In the fitness space, that freedom means deciding where you want to establish a business, which classes or training programs you want to offer, and which clients you want to work with. While hard work is still guaranteed, there’s nothing quite like doing it for yourself every single time and reaping the payoffs of your own hard work. 

The Payoff of Joining the Fitness Entrepreneurship Space

If you’re looking for a way to build a life that keeps you active, allows you unlimited earning potential, and lets you do something you love every single day, fitness entrepreneurship may be for you. As you can see in the statistics listed above, entrepreneurship offers a greater sense of freedom and control, a better work-life balance, and less stress than many traditional positions. Those benefits show no signs of slowing any time soon. 

As the world continues to change post-COVID-19, we’ll likely see many more traditionally employed people setting out on their own and reaping the benefits of all self-employment employment has to offer – especially in the fitness entrepreneurship space. 

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