In this episode, Matt and Rick discuss the importance of role-playing scenarios and the practice you need for your business success. In the last two episodes, we talked about the franchisee’s journey from purchase through 2-3 years after opening.

We went through all the peaks and valleys that a franchisee goes through and why we do everything systematically.

One thing we mentioned that happens in the corporate training week is role-playing. Today, we build on that by discussing why this is important not only to a franchisee but also to any gym/business owner.

role playing scenarios

Practice, Practice, Practice! – Role-Playing

So most of the training, if you guys don’t know, is handled by Matt and Jared. Matt handles a lot of the technical and the sales training while Jared handles a lot of the software, ramp up, presale marketing, and presale scripting. You’ve heard the saying practice makes perfect, but practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So you really need to practice everything from sales, client training workouts, down to how to say hello and goodbye to the customer.

It is a legitimate feeling that most people are uncomfortable role-playing, especially when you’re doing it in front of a group of peers during the week of franchise training week. Even more uncomfortable when it may be a group of peers attending with other new franchisees. It can be a little unnerving. Now, if you can master that environment, you’re going to be more successful when you’re out in your own franchise.

We role play all scenarios. In the gym, things like answering the phone, greeting your members, how you talk to sales prospect, and how your trainers address member’s workouts are some things you should role-play all the time. Practicing the skills and scenarios that you and your employees need to address and perfect is essential. These are the basics that make a business successful!

We do role play a lot of sales scenarios. In the first week, we teach how to present and review normal objections. These are the things you normally hear from your clients, like price and time. By the time the franchisees actually get in front of a real person, it’s going to be a cakewalk.

In reality, day-to-day sales in the Alloy business model are a lot easier as there are not a lot of objections with our type of sale, with our type of client. With Alloy Personal Training on the door, most are pretty familiar with personal training and are pretty open to our small group personal training business model.. Alloy has done a ton of research going into each franchise, like the location where we’re going to put your facility to the type of target marketing that we do for our demographic segment. Research shows it takes seven touches for a prospect to even reach out to you. They look at articles that you’ve posted, social media, and maybe see you out in the community. So by the time they reach out and you get them in Alloy, they are familiar with your business and there aren’t many objections to overcome.

Everybody focuses on sales in role-playing, but we also think you need to get better at phone calls, how to leave a message, and learn how to answer the phone properly. We need to learn how to greet people properly. Also, we practice the presale scenario where people approach your table. We make sure you walk around the table and do not stand behind it, greet the prospect where they are.

Even if you’re in business for three to five years down the road, we still practice and we keep up-skilling ourselves. You can’t role-play enough in your business, especially when running the model we do here at Alloy Personal Training Franchise. Practice Makes Perfect! Tune in to learn how we role-play all scenarios and how you can go about it!

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Key Takeaways 

  • Perfect practice makes perfect (01:40)
  • Role-play all scenarios (02:46)
  • How role-playing makes everything else easier (05:53)
  • Get good at the basics (07:30)
  • Why you have to role-play workouts (08:54)

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