In this episode, Rick is interviewed by Matt Maloney of the Above and Beyond Leadership. Rick discusses the values he developed for leading the organization culture of the Alloy Personal Training Franchise system. Rick has been living and leading with Alloy core values.

When Rick first got started in personal training in 1992, people didn’t really know what a personal trainer did. Rick trained Madonna and other leading musical artists. One day a music producer who lived close to the gym and he had a studio behind his home, reached out to the gym. He said, “Hey, look, we have a photoshoot on Friday, we need to get ripped,” so he hired Rick to get them ripped.

Now, personal training has become a viable solution for health and fitness.
Rick developed and scaled the Alloy Franchise personal training model to allow the average consumer to afford small group personal training while still receiving the benefits of personalized training for each client. The values that Alloy follows reflect the leadership and organization culture that Rick and his team have developed for the franchises.

The Values That Lead Alloy’s Organization Culture 

Core values are the fundamental beliefs that guides the organization culture, behavior, actions, and decisions.. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong or otherwise navigate the difficult challenges of life.

Core values are the principles that guide the organization culture and help them make decisions that align with its goals and mission. But core values are not just nice things you have on your website. You must live them out each day and actively practice and integrate them into every aspect of your operations.

In the case of a franchise with the organization culture like Alloy, it becomes super important as we onboard more and more franchisees.

Rick share, “It’s really hard to come up with your core values, because it takes a lot of honesty. Get your leadership group together and really examine your core values. Not every organization is the same, and not every core value has to be the same as other organizations. It takes some deep work to figure that out.”

If you’re a small to medium size business owner, Rick highly recommends leaning into the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) because it gives you accountability to your core values and can be used to hire and hold people accountable.


  1. Do your Job
  2. Have a Good Time – Humor with a touch of crazy
  3. Keep it Simple

The values allow you to have a framework for hiring team members. You can use your core values not only in hiring, but in your ongoing performance evaluations. If you have a really honest set of three to five values, then you can use those for your litmus test for literally everything in your business.

When you build core values, they become your compass for everything that you do. It involves daily conversations, transparency, and holding each other accountable.

Values Reflect Simplicity, Truth and Transparency

Ray Dalio has a book about how to build your own principles for Radical Truth and Radical Transparency. He shares how to understand what is true is essential for success. Also you need to be radically transparent about everything, including mistakes and weaknesses, because it helps create the understanding that leads to improvements.

With our Alloy team, we have a 90 minute meeting at the same time every week. We have a framework for each meeting and keep it simple and transparent. This is important for growing and scaling organizations. To scale our business we had to develop a tried and true system that our franchisees can take into their local markets, hire a team, and then deploy it to their local membership or client base.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

― Leonardo da Vinci ―

Steve Jobs also aid, “It is very hard to think simply, and it is very difficult to engineer something that your 75 year old mom can figure it out within 15 minutes.”

As an entrepreneur growing businesses, we can get caught up in the details. We have to take a simplistic mindset about getting from point A to point B and point B to point C or you will never scale.

Listen to the podcast where Matt and Rick discuss how to create your values to lead your organization culture. To be successful, make sure you have a healthy mindset, take care of yourself, exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, work on your spousal relationship, get some counseling, and push hard to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

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Podcast 187: Living and Leading by Your Core Values

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