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Alloy Personal Training Franchise Opportunities

Here at Alloy, we’ve spent the last few years making significant changes to our previous fitness program license model to become a personal training franchise opportunity. Our mission, as many of you know by now, is to take our unique personal training system and build a personal training franchise that is as strong, durable, and timeless as possible. We believe the personal training and fitness industry needs an overhaul, and we want to be the force to make it happen.

Today, we provide a superior personal training franchise solution that is uniquely focused on the “active aging” population – meaning consumers over 50. Unlike so many other fitness franchises, we don’t target the “20-something” fitness fanatics that flood the market. Since we’ve been in the personal training business, our established, effective personal training system and personal training business management solutions have delivered real results throughout the fitness community.

As you may now know, recently, we decided to change the way we do business foundationally with a personal training franchise opportunity Instead of focusing on licensing fitness businesses and gyms to teach our programs.  We shifted toward empowering like-minded individuals to franchise their own Alloy personal training franchise locations. In this way, Alloy is giving people the chance to make an impact, both on their community and their future… with their own branded, brick-and-mortar Alloy personal training franchise location.

Alloy’s Personal Training Business Background

Any good transformation story involves looking at where you’ve come from to understand where you’re going. Here at Alloy, our personal training system was created in 1992. Initially, it focused on a very straightforward philosophy: people who get personalized coaching see better results. We remained faithful to that initial vision, and, as a result, our fitness programs rose to the top. Today, Alloy personal training programs are among the most effective in the world for helping people, especially those over 50, look and feel their absolute best. This is a legacy we’re incredibly proud of, and it impacts everything we do in business.

Still wondering why we decided to leap from just licensing our fitness training program to a personal training franchise opportunity? Here’s our story:

The most significant turning point in our history came back in 2011, and it happened at our personal training studio formerly known as North Point Fitness in Roswell, Georgia. North Point had been in business for about 20 years and was the most successful personal training studio per square foot in the country.  Other fitness club owners wanted to know our secrets and we were more than happy to help them and thus, a consulting business was born.

“It was this one local guy standing in our space saying ‘Wow, this is really cool. Can we have this in my gym?’” remembers Rick Mayo, founder of Alloy and North Point Fitness’ owner. Why not? The consulting business morphed into a licensing business known as Alloy Personal Training Solutions. Since then, we’ve expanded into a variety of fitness environments, from CrossFit studios, health clubs, gyms and large fitness centers.  By 2015, Alloy’s personal training programming was licensed to fitness facilities in 40 states plus the DC, Australia, Canada, Tasmania, and the United Kingdom.

Initially, we formed a licensing model by packaging the personal training program at North Point Fitness. This included everything from its business practices, sales systems and revenue and compensation models to its programming and core philosophies. The result was a streamlined, turn-key solution that gyms around the country and the world could utilize right out of the box.

Alloy’s Shift to Fitness Franchise Opportunity

At Alloy, we’ve long believed that the franchise model is a fantastic way to grow. We’ve seriously investigated it twice in the past eight years, though, and we didn’t feel like we were quite ready – until now.

While we knew we had earned respect as an industry leader and had built some brand recognition within the fitness industry, we also wanted more control than licensing allowed over how Alloy programs were run and implemented.

While we were powering some of the biggest brands in the industry, we decided it was time to power our own. This is where our transition to franchising truly began to take off. We felt like the licensing model was “close” to franchising; we just needed to alter it and make it a bit more robust. Instead of merely selling a pre-packaged personal training program to existing gyms, we wanted to take things a step further and empower driven individuals to open their own Alloy personal training franchises.

Luckily for us, the market conditions were right, the unit economics worked, and our team was ready to pivot and positioned to a personal training franchise.. Meanwhile, none of the fitness or personal training competition was doing what we set out to do. To put this another way, we saw a gap in the industry: we knew that Small Group Personal Training was our core competence, and empirical evidence shows that we do it better than anyone else in the fitness  industry.

Today, we offer an unparalleled fitness franchise opportunity for people who care deeply about helping people live better lives. Not only do we have a long history as industry leaders, but we provide a unique niche program for an often underserved population – the active aging population.

The Time Was Right in the Fitness Franchise Industry

Our shift from licensing to personal training franchise opportunity has gotten good traction in the early stages, and we think that part of this is due to the fact that the market is hot. In fact, the entire industry was ready for an addition like ours. According to Entrepreneur,

“It’s an exciting time to be in the fitness-franchise business: The U.S. market currently brings in about $31 billion annually. About one in 10 of those dollars comes through a franchise, but in recent years, franchise growth has outpaced the overall industry. According to the market research firm IBISWorld, the fitness market as a whole will grow at 1.5 percent between now and 2022, and franchise brands will grow about twice that fast, as they become stronger and entrepreneurs look for more turnkey opportunities.

…What’s behind these growth numbers? Chris Rondeau…points to a couple of drivers, the first being what analysts hail as the death of retail. As brick-and-mortar merchandise brands suffer, commercial vacancies rise, making it easier for service industries like fitness to scoop up real estate. ‘Seven or eight years ago, it was much harder to get good sites,’ said Rondeau. ‘We were fighting with Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. Now landlords are looking for new business to drive traffic, and we’re getting much better locations at cheaper costs.’ In other words, gym-goers show up several times a week. That’s routine patronage that strip-mall and shopping-plaza landlords can use to entice other businesses to stick around. 

The second driver, Rondeau says, is wellness mania. People want to look and feel better, and to make that happen, they’re deploying wearable fitness trackers, meditation apps and services, weekend mud races, organic-food delivery services, and fitness centers.”

Think the fitness franchise industry has hit its ceiling? Think again. There’s ample room for growth. For every one person who belongs to a gym, there are four more who don’t. Many of the latter are either underserved or would benefit from getting fit. Our mission here at Alloy is to extend powerful fitness to those populations and to help everyone interested in looking and feeling great to find a program to match their unique needs.

3 Unique Elements the Alloy Franchise Solution Offers Franchise Owners

The Alloy personal training franchise opportunity provides a comprehensive business solution, which is why we equip each of our training partners with the following:

1. Start-up Guidance, Initial Training, Ongoing Support, And Refresher Training

We believe in supporting our franchise owners, and we do it from the launch of their locations throughout their operation. We tell new franchisees that we will never stop giving them the business tools and fitness training programs they need to thrive within their Alloy personal training franchise – from guidance on setting up gym location to business management training before they open their doors, to on-site visits and remote support whenever they need it. It’s a comprehensive promise, and we follow through on it.

2. Equipment, Technology And Operational Tools And Operations Manual

Franchise owners have access to pre-approved suppliers and vendors, and we help them leverage useful technologies like accounting software and a unique CRM system including KPI measurement tools and other reporting functions. Automated lead management system…check, Alloy rewards program…check, Alloy app…check!  Even better, we provide access to our confidential and detailed operations manual to help each franchise owner run their business from day one.

3. Sales And Marketing Programs And Materials

Marketing can be a significant challenge for new franchise owners, and our mission is to provide the support needed to launch them to success. To this end, we offer access to a range of materials and tools that will assist in the promotion of their local fitness business, including our exclusive pre-sale playbook, membership retention initiatives, templates social media, local digital marketing, website presence, and more. Our franchise support program gives franchisees the turn-key solution and the business tools they need to make a real impact on both their clients and their future.

Why Fitness Franchisees Choose the Alloy Personal Training Franchise

With our team of physiologists, therapists, dieticians, and other advisory board behavioral specialists, we have created a fitness program where cutting-edge science meets real, in-the-trenches experience.

Over the years, our personal training programs have powered a variety of gyms and fitness systems. Today,  Alloy franchise businesses leverage Alloy training and tools in locations across the globe. We aim to bring these highly effective programs to even more members and communities, through our exclusive new Alloy personal training franchise opportunity. Unlike other fitness franchise structures, we’ve remained focused on the customer and the client. To that end, we offer optimal coach-to-client ratios, customized workout plans, practical tracking tools, flexible membership options, and more.

To give you a sense of what we offer our franchisees, here’s an excerpt from the franchising brochure we provide interested parties:

We understand what happens when things come together to create something bigger, stronger, longer-lasting. With a superior personal training system, we offer established, effective fitness programs to gym owners, trainers, and individuals alike. Our fitness platform and business management solutions have delivered real results to gyms and their members throughout the world. Now it is time for a different kind of merger, one where our brand comes together with your ambition. By empowering potential franchise owners like you with easy-to-implement and practical tools, we’ll be helping implement an exciting business structured for growth in a rewarding market space.

The Alloy formula is like no other, that’s why gyms all over the world have used it to bring great results to their clients. Now we’re taking the business one step further by expanding through franchise ownership of Alloy-branded fitness centers. We are building our team of franchise owners with people who are passionate about helping individuals reach their goals.

Does that sound like YOU?

The Alloy personal training approach. Yours to leverage in your own Alloy franchise location.

  • Superior personal training system, with most sessions at a certified coach-to-client ratio of 1:6
  • A concept known for getting optimal results in the least amount of time, for people of all ages, ability level or injury history – but especially focused on the “Active Aging” market
  • Customized workout plans that change with each client visit to provide maximum variety; no workout is ever repeated twice
  • Tracking tools to monitor each client’s workout frequency and intensity so they can track progress towards established goals
  • Accountability appointments, included with membership, provide additional motivation and guidance

Give your community a place to be inspired, where they feel welcome to reach the fitness goals they never thought they could. Power up your future by empowering others. It’s the Alloy way, and we know you’re going to like it.

Alloy Continues to Pursue its Original Mission

Here at Alloy, we have a long history and a great story to tell. While we look forward to honoring our history and staying true to our roots, we also look forward to continuing to reinvent ourselves. We’ve come a long way since we originally started our licensing model, and we’re proud of our new personal training franchise model.

When it comes to creating a successful fitness business, there’s no quick way to the top. Our team believes deeply in hard work and the consistent, rigorous effort it takes to transform an idea into an enterprise. When you look at how far Alloy has come, this transformation is plain to see.

When we look back at our history, leaping from a fitness program license model to a personal training franchise opportunity is undoubtedly one of the most powerful things we’ve ever done. The Alloy franchise model for the active living target market is successful and sets us apart from our competitors in a fitness space that’s traditionally seen as saturated and over-crowded.

Today, Alloy is a globally-recognized name, and our clients have come to expect excellence from the Alloy personal training franchise brand. We didn’t get here by luck or accident, and we could not have done it without the hard work and consistency of everyone on our fitness franchise team. If we’ve come this far in the last ten years, what will the next ten hold?  Stay tuned!!

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