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The health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing each year for the last ten years and shows little signs of slowing down any time soon.1 People should feel confident and inspired when they enter a gym, not intimidated or embarrassed. The Alloy personal training franchise opportunity revolves around the simple fitness concept that people who get customized and personalized coaching get better results both while they are at the gym and away get better results..

There are many reasons why the fitness and personal training industry are booming.

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Companies are finding they can save on employee health care costs by incentivizing their employees with gym memberships.2
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Plus, the American population is embracing healthier eating trends. Eating better tends to make people think more about fitness. One idea leads to another!3
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Add to that Alloy’s focus on delivering personalized fitness services, and you have the ideal personal training franchise formula generating incredible results for both members and fitness franchise owners. Our numbers prove it. Our revenue per member and member retention rates are among the highest in the industry4

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The Alloy personal training franchise opportunity is empowered by excellence in leadership.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

– Julian C., Yelp

“Great workout, great coaches and great community! It's a must for anyone in the area that cares about their health and wants a welcoming community.”

James A., Facebook  

“Rick Mayo (Alloy Founder) and Alloy are the ‘Best’ in the business. Their attention to detail has one goal in mind, providing results and a great experience for their clients.”  

“It’s hard to find fault with success, and it’s even harder when you can see your own results put in front of you in a carefully organized, scientifically-validated sheet of results that tracks progress over time.”

Lauren W., Yelp  

“Five Stars. Felt comfortable here since my first walk-in experience. Positive vibes and welcoming staff. Great option for all levels of ability.”

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