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Alloy Personal Training Franchise announced that they have awarded their first major development deal with several more deals imminent.

Alloy Personal Training, an award-winning personal training fitness business, launched its new franchise opportunity, Alloy Personal Training in September 2019, with a vision to provide a superior personal training franchise solution that is uniquely focused to serve the ever-growing “active aging” population, specifically those 50 years and older.

“We are excited to award our first franchise and have several other candidates that are in the final stages,” says Alloy CEO Rick Mayo. “Our nearly 30 years of experience coupled with the thousands of gyms we’ve worked with through our Alloy licensing company have given us a great business model for our partners.”

While our Franchise Opportunity is just over four months old, the Alloy systems, platforms, and know-how have already been used to serve millions of members in thousands of fitness facilities around the world and was recently awarded the AFS Fitness Business of the Year.

“We have spent the last few years making significant changes to our previous fitness program license model to become a personal training franchise opportunity,” says Suzanne Robb, COO of Alloy Personal Training. “Our mission is to take our unique personal training system and build a personal training franchise that is strong, durable, and timeless. We believe the personal training and fitness industry needs an overhaul, and we want to be the force to make it happen.”

“The Alloy Personal Training Franchise opportunity includes everything that we have learned to own and operate a successful Personal Training Fitness Business,” says Tony Chemer, VP of Franchise Sales, “it allows us to provide total support for our business partners with all of the details required from build-out design, equipment, fitness operations, marketing, and the specifications of our systems that are already proven in thousands of gyms worldwide.”

Discovery days are underway, and territories are now being awarded. The Alloy systems are well developed, and focusing on discreet segments.

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About Alloy Personal Training Franchise:

Our program was created in 1992 around a very straightforward philosophy: people who get personalized coaching get better results. Today, Alloy programs are among the most effective programs in the world for helping people, especially those over 50, who want to look and feel their absolute best.

Alloy’s established, effective fitness platform and business management solutions have delivered real results throughout the world. Alloy Personal Training Franchise gives franchisees the chance to make an impact, both on their community and their future with a branded, brick-and-mortar Alloy personal training franchise location.

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