Right now, the fitness franchise industry is booming.  There are many reasons to invest in a fitness franchise opportunity. According to many metrics, it is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the franchise world. In fact, four of the ten fastest-growing franchises on INC’s 5000 list in 2017 were fitness or fitness-related franchises. This is excellent news for those wanting to invest in the fitness franchise industry.  For many, it comes as no surprise. Not only are fitness franchises easier to operate than other traditional franchises, like restaurant franchises, but they can be much more successful. 

Why a Fitness Franchise Opportunity is a Better Alternative than Other Franchises

There’s an awful lot about the fitness franchise model that just works. According to 2018 market research conducted by IBISWorld:

Over the five years to 2018, the Gym and Fitness Franchises industry has benefited from public health initiatives that shed light on the importance of fitness in fighting diabetes, obesity, and other health ailments. Partially a result of this health-conscious climate, the number of health club memberships has grown steadily during the period. This trend has benefited gym franchises, as greater demand from a larger gym-going demographic encouraged franchise expansion. Thus, many franchisors, in an effort to develop a larger client base and respond to the growing popularity of boutique gyms, have offered more franchise opportunities over the past five years.

Right now, gym and fitness franchise opportunities in the United States are responsible for $4 billion of annual revenue in the larger gym, health, and fitness club industry, which is estimated at a whopping $34 billion annually. One of the primary drivers of this growth comes down to loosening regulations. As real estate restrictions at retail shopping centers have expanded to allow for the addition of fitness studios, health clubs have become a more viable option for franchise companies and local owners. As a result, the easy availability of fitness studios has meant more people coming through the doors and more business for franchise owners. In addition, the introduction of fitness studios to shopping centers has allowed shopping centers to expand their offerings. As boutique and niche franchises crop up throughout the country, it’s become easier for customers to find the workouts they want in a convenient location.

Why a Fitness Franchise is Easier to Operate than Other Franchises

One of the reasons that fitness franchises are so easy to operate as compared to restaurant franchises is that there is something for everybody. While not everybody wants to eat at McDonald’s, most people strive for a healthy, active lifestyle, however, the way they reach those lifestyle goals varies. Some people enjoy cycling, some people want to do CrossFit, and other people are looking for a work out that is tailored to their unique life-stage and health considerations. Fitness businesses like Alloy Personal Training know this, and they strive to meet people where they are.  

By catering to the active aging population, the Alloy fitness franchise opportunity is not trying to be the go-to gym for everyone. Instead, we cater to a specific segment of the community, and we do it well. This means that anyone who owns an Alloy franchise has a predetermined set of customers that are already very interested in the offering. This, in turn, makes the franchise easy to run and market.

Where Lifestyle Meets Great Business

Another attractive reality of a fitness franchise is the combination of lifestyle with business. This is not always true with a restaurant franchise. For example, not everybody that runs a restaurant franchise wants to spend their lives in the kitchen or at the front desk. However, most people who run a fitness franchise enjoy working out and being active. In this sense, the fitness franchise opportunity offers the perfect pursuit of doing more of what you love, while also making money and building a business. This makes it very attractive to people who want to create a legacy while also maintaining their physical health and sanity. 

The Complexity of Operations

Last but not least, It’s important to consider the complexity of operations of a fitness franchise versus a restaurant franchise. Most fitness franchises have well-established operation models that franchise owners simply need to apply and leverage. Alloy, for example,  has made a name for itself with world-class franchise training, support, and onboarding assistance. While every franchise owner needs to work hard and apply the franchise operation and systems guidelines, Alloy has made it a company mission to throw the full support of the brand behind everybody who opens an Alloy franchise.  This isn’t always true for other franchise models. 

Many restaurant franchises, for example, have high expectations but don’t offer the support to make it happen. Other negatives include significant upfront investment requirements, involve their fair share of labor struggles, and present very low margins. These things combined make running a restaurant franchise challenging and may result in the franchise owners feeling unsupported and exhausted. Many restaurant owners may find that their marketing support is lacking and that there is no one easily accessible to share ideas.

Making the Smartest Fitness Franchise Opportunity Decision

For clients considering opening a franchise today, the fitness franchise opportunity stands out as one of the most salient and profitable. In addition to the fact that fitness franchises caters to targeted, specific customer groups, Fitness franchises are often easier to run, more supportive, and more profitable than restaurant franchises. Combine this with the fact that these franchises are growing at a rapid rate, and it’s easy to see why fitness franchises have become so popular and attractive to discerning franchise owners. 

Alloy Personal Training Franchise has a reputation for a profitable and highly supportive franchise model, and we look forward to helping you launch your ideal business. Our retention rates and revenue per member are among the highest in the industry, and we can help you achieve the results you want. Request more information today and take the first step toward the rest of your life. If you’re interested in starting your own franchise, contact Alloy Fitness

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