Despite Coronavirus here are 5 reasons to invest in a fitness franchise.   Coronavirus has turned life on its head for many of us. People who used to work from offices are now setting up shop at home at the kitchen table. Parents who never dreamed of homeschooling are suddenly doing double-duty as teachers. And friends who used to get together a few times a week are now settling for regular Zoom dates, instead. Without question, this has been a strange year.

While many things remain uncertain, one thing is for sure: now is an excellent time to invest in a fitness franchise. As Coronavirus shut down businesses across the country, it became rapidly apparent which companies customers needed and which they could live without – and gyms were some of the places people missed the most. Now, as the economy begins to reopen and signs of normalcy reappear, customers are excited to get back out there and restart their fitness journeys. Now if you’re in the position to invest in a fitness franchise, you could be the one helping customers get back to a regular or new fitness routine.

What you Need to Know About the Current Startup Landscape

Startups have always been a great indication of the small business market’s health: more startups equals a strong economy. And right before COVID-19 hit, there were reassuring signs that a startup renaissance was on the horizon. According to Statista, 774,725 businesses were one year old or younger in 2019. That’s up from 733,825 in 2018. 

While it may seem like a pandemic would be bad for the entrepreneurial spirit, the opposite is actually true. In fact, 18.4% of startup managers have scaled up on their business plans. The reason for this is simple: entrepreneurs are determined and self-assured people. When confronted with difficulty, they naturally see ways to navigate, overcome, and adapt to it. 

The Coronavirus pandemic is nothing if not an opportunity to stay agile and redefine success. Plus, when you remember that both Microsoft and Netflix launched during an economic downturn, it proves that opportunity is everywhere – even in what seem like dark times. 

5 Reasons to Invest in a Fitness Franchise Right Now

What about the current economic and entrepreneurial landscape makes this such a great time to invest in a fitness franchise? Here are a few of the top considerations:

1. The Time is Right for Bootstrapping – Startup a Fitness Franchise

COVID-19 has stripped much of life down to its bare bones. People who were enjoying reliable 9-5 jobs just seven months ago have seen their whole lives change, and there are many people out there right now looking to make lemonade out of a big bowl of lemons. Forbes describes “Bootstrapping startups means starting lean and without the help of outside capital. It means continuing to fuel growth internally from cash flow produced by the business.”

The market is currently filled with savvy entrepreneurs looking to redefine themselves and their work. This is one of the great reasons to invest in a fitness franchise that allows you to employ a lean team, jump on new opportunities, and move quickly toward building something strong and innovative. 

2. Familiar Business Models have Changed

We’ve all seen it: brick-and-mortar stores have shifted into the e-commerce landscape, universities have begun to offer online classes, and schools across the country have introduced distance learning options for their students. The entire business environment is fluid and adaptable right now – both of which are vital ingredients for startup success. 

This is another of the reasons to invest in a fitness franchise right now because you get to redefine what that franchise looks like in the future. From digital classes to additional offerings, the mold is just waiting to be broken and rebuilt. The team here at Alloy knows a thing or two about that. 

3. Innovation is Everywhere

The great thing about having life crack open and getting back to the basics is that it creates an environment ripe for innovation. As everyone in the business environment adapts to suit customer needs, startups have discovered the real advantage of being lean, agile operations. And since the modern custom base is open to new ideas in a way they haven’t truly ever been before, now is an excellent time to dive into an environment that requires creativity and innovation on all fronts.

4. There’s Never a Perfect Time

If you’re waiting for the traffic lights of life to all be green at once, we can assure you it won’t ever happen like that. There’s never a perfect time to startup a fitness franchise and try something new, but taking advantage of the ample opportunities and environmental factors right now has the potential to help you forge something truly lasting. After all – if you can build a successful business in today’s environment, you’ll only be stronger later.

5. Startups May Grow Faster

Starting or investing in a business right now means a few things: specifically, it means a focus on digital content, differentiation, and convenience. While companies could theoretically get good at these things at any point in the business environment, mastering them now is an excellent way to grow stronger and to build more longevity that will benefit the brand for years to come. 

Now is a Great Time to Startup a Fitness Franchise 

While COVID-19 has changed many things about the world, it doesn’t have to put growth and progress on pause. In fact, now is a better time than ever to invest in a fitness franchise. Thanks to the plasticity of the business environment right now, the enterprise you launch during these times stands a chance at becoming more robust, more vibrant, and more resilient than ever. 

Here at Alloy Personal Training, we pride ourselves on offering an accessible and successful fitness franchise model. 

For nearly 30 years, Alloy has offered a premier personal training system that provides proven results for people focused on healthier, active lifestyles… not the latest fitness fads.

We welcome people of all fitness levels. Our superior customized personal training system is uniquely focused on clients who want to be in the best shape of their lives — not just the younger fitness fanatics that many gyms target. We know that people do better with coaching, encouragement, support, and accountability.

To learn more about our investment opportunities or what sets Alloy apart, contact us to request your free information packet now. 


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